How to get new cosmetic pack?

I bought Season pack 2 from EG store, and I don’t see The Multiverse Disciples of the Vault cosmetic pack in the mailer or in the cosmetic machine.
Can someone please help me with that)


I am having the same issue.

Purchased Season 2 (active on Epic Games store) months ago and received the new DLC 6 today as expected. However, even though Epic lists the cosmetic packs as owned, I do not have them in game.

I also have the seasons 2 pass but I do not have the multiverse skins. It doesn’t even show “owned” in the store page for them but it does for the pass.

I didn’t get mine either.

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Same here, looks like Epic / Pc ver is not working right. Store shows the skins but not as owned. Hope this is fixed quickly.

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Same here. No Cosmetic packs. Epic Store SP 2, PC.
Funny though, it says 2/3 in the quick change body selection but only two are visible.

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Huh, not just me then. Hoping they get that fixed soon.

Just wanna check, since I’ve been avoiding the forums more or less today; is everything else in the DLC up and running or is there anything else missing? Wanna know if I should even bother tonight or wait 'til tomorrow.

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Me and everyone that I play with are having the same issue.

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Also having the same issue. SP2 from the Epic store.

I bought DLC 5 separately on Steam and the new character Models could be picked up from Crazy Earl for free.
I bought DLC 6 today from Steam and went down to Crazy Earl and the Body menu was grayed out and inaccessible.

There is definitely something amiss this time around.

Same I got season pass two weeks ago and still don’t have access to the COV skins.

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