How to get one-shotter shield?


Been farming for weeks Dr Zed’s vendor machines for this shield but never seen it. Does it even exist? Is it an urban legend?

One of my friends got one in a vendor at level 53, guy is a real straight shooter and I believe him as it wasn’t annointed.

I do think they are legitimate, however extremely rare. I have never seen one in the wild.

I’m not sure they’re any more rare than any other specific three-modifier combination if they’re rolled independently of each other (which is my guess, though I’m not sure if those dice are weighted in one direction or another).

Am still on the hunt for a triple spike or nova shield.


If are on PS4 I have a couple of spare lvl 65 One Shotters with ASE I can
mail if you want?

PSN dogstar13

x3 roll shields are about the most uncommon item in the game to come by naturally. Yes they exist. Yes I’ve pulled a couple. your best area is the Spendopticon. 4 different fast travel points with machines right next to them. You can hit em all before having to reload the map.

I am on PS4. My ID is quasar_fan.
Will try to farm the vendor machines at Spendopticon in the meantime…

This triple amp shield doesn’t seem to hit harder than the Re-Router, which is way more common. Are people looking for the One-Shotter because it eats less shield for the damage, because it’s rare, or am I missing something?

Eats less shield and hyper rare.

Some VH mechanics can keep it charged up for a pseudo-bee effect.

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The one-shotter amps all projectiles in the amped shot, evidently the re-router only amps the primary projectile.

Not tested by me, but that is what i recall reading.

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I have both - easy to check, brb.

edit - the Re-Router divides its amp damage by the number of pellets, and applies this to each pellet, where the triple amp shield applies its full damage calculation to each pellet individually. Given a 10-pellet shotgun, for example, at 1000 damage per pellet, the Re-Router will do 1120 per pellet, where the triple amp will do 2000 per pellet.

However, given a 1-pellet weapon (most sniper rifles, the One Pump Chump, single pistol shots, etc.), the Re-Router applies its full damage properly. In the example above, the 1000 base damage pellet will hit for 2200 (bonus amp damage, so 1000 @ 120% on top of the 1000 base).

Note the difference in the description: the triple amp shield adds, “100% weapon damage” where the Re-Router adds, “120% bonus amp damage”. I do think the Re-Router should hit harder for multi-pellet weapons… like it’s throwing out the fact that the extra damage is a bonus if there is more than one pellet involved.

For multi-pellet-per-shot weapons, the triple-amp will throw more damage.
For single-pellet-per-shot weapons, the Re-Router will throw more damage.

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Thank you for clarifying.

I never knew myself! I’m checking out the Version 0.M (though I think it’s a basic amp shield, but am curious how the damage circle hits). Also: in today’s laboratory, we’ll be experimenting with various shields that I have with the “shield capacity -> amp damage on action skill start”. Dr. Mozenstein is our research associate today, where we’ll see if her gigantic shield values count towards that sort of amp damage on action skill start.

I love the amp shield mechanic though.

edit - @deleona144 did some Version 0.m work here that I think sums this up well enough. :+1: