How to get out of Crappy ELO?

I don’t know what it is, but whenever I solo queue I more often than not get paired up with players who are not at my skill level. Sure, there are games that we win but they are too much of a struggle. Now, I’d be okay with this if the fights were hard fought, but they aren’t.

When I am with friends, though, We destroy enemy teams or put up a very hard fight. Even when we lose it’s fun because it was an actual fight rather than a stall to failure.

How am I supposed to get matched with better people if I can’t increase my ELO?

the “skill based matchmaking” sucks in general. yea i win or lose more closely but its still more lose then win just like before the update because i get matched with such stupid people just like before or low ranks( should definitely not happen in a skill based system)

because when you queue solo, if you typically have a high elo, you will be matched with at least one or two low elo players. it doesnt so much try to match a bunch of players at the same elo. that is a very common misconception of how elo works. it matches team v team based on an average elo of each team. that could be two incredible players, 1 average player, and 2 below average players. they could match that elo against 5 average to slightly above average players and you will probably lose the game unless the high elo players carry hard on your team. if i queue competitive with only two other friends, our teammates are worthless because my friends and i all have very high elo. if we do not go like 15 and 2 with team wipes later in the game, we lose.

Who thought that was a good idea?

ideally that is not how it will operate. but the number one complaint in this game other than matchmaking, and perhaps even more so than matchmaking, is queue times. average elo still technically is a “balanced” match. i honestly hate skill based. thats what private matches are for

if teams were set more or less even after simply selecting 10 players it would be much easier and the seach would not have to start again if 1 person of the group leaves.

the best thing to do would be display your MM rank and let everyone decide how close they want to be matched if this is even possible. this way everyone would be in the same search and we could be able ourselves to determine the wait times

Wish they can make a regular ranked mode with a separate ranking system (rank levels) and you can only play with mastered characters. These ELO matches queue times are horrid