How to get out of the nexus

I’m new to the pre sequel and was playing the Bossum boss level. After beating him I went to meet with jack at level 13 1/2. I did not know that the go inside the clap trap nexus level was set at 31 when I am only at 14. There seems to be no way to get out now and I am not high enough of a level to have a chance against the enemies here. Is there any way that I can get out or do I have to start a new game and lose my level 14 character which took a lot of hours to get. This seems like a really bad design flaw to force you to play out of your level and give you no chance to save let alone go back to a more competitive level. Can anyone help

I think you can travel back to the simulation ante-chamber from the Nexus on foot, and from there back to deck 13 1/2, but I’m probably misremembering. I know this is the official forum, but maybe use cheats or a trainer just this once? I’d suggest joining someone who can get past the enemies but matchmaking will only give other level 14 players. Post in the online play section of the platform you’re on and ask for someone to help. If you’re on PC I’ll be able to help in about 13-14 hours

You cannot walk back. You can only get to the Sim Room if you do.
You need to either (a) sneak past the enemies to the Nexus where there is another fast travel, (b) get someone to help you or © join another hosted game where you should travel to their location and then fast travel from there.
And yes, not very good design. They need to either make another fast travel or place warning about enemy level (which would probably be the easiest).

That’s what I was afraid of. Weird that you can accidentally get there but cant back out with out losing your save. Thanks

Oh yeah, I forgot that if you join a game and then leave, you’ll continue in the same location in solo as well.

The first fast travel is on the other side of the giant sys-op Claptrap. You just need to get past the fliers and you’re there.

I am stuck too, but I am level 9, so I can’t even walk a 1 sec without being blasted into pieces.
Is there any solution; please help?

I recommend running like hell, don’t engage anything. You might be able to make it, there are two groups of fliers, the robots will attack the first group, the second smaller batch (after you get up the stairs) it’s just you and them though.

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Thanks; I will give it a try

If you have a second controller, create a new character, take that new character somewhere else, have your stuck character join new character’s game and save quit out.

When you reload with stuck character, they should be in the new location.

Thanks; after several ties, I was able to run past the fliers with 1% health remaining.

Congrats, that couldn’t have been a good time!

Just save & exit completly from the game. It will restart before the teleport to Nexus so you can go back to safety without fighting overleved enemies.