How to get PS4 theme?

Has anyone been emailed a code or figured out what to do for the theme?

I preordered Duke a few days ago the second I saw it was finally available on the Aussie PSN store and can’t find a thing anywhere.

It’s the only reason I bothered to preorder. I’d have preferred a physical version but since that’s not happening I figured I couldn’t go hunting for the best price and when I saw there was a theme for preordering I figured ■■■■ it and jumped in but there’s nothing to be found about it.

Does it just come out when the game does or what? If so, cool, if not, how do I get the theme now so as to avoid potentially missing out on it entirely by taking too long to get it?

Also, just because I bothered to create an account to post this very question and don’t think I’ll be coming back to these forums for anything other than info on the theme, please bring back Duke 3D on PS3 and Vita. Man, we waited so damn long to get the Duke on there, and then you guys took it away so quickly. Dumping the World Tour version on there would be ideal to be honest, and at this point, I’ve bought Duke 3D on so many machines I couldn’t care less about buying it one more time.

Also, just for the ■■■■ of bragging, according to all the trophy tracking sites out there, I’m the very first to 100% Duke 3D’s trophy list. But then, I got the game when it glitched on to the store about 3 months before it was meant to come out, suck it down.

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Try going to the PS Store website and find the theme under your Download List. I was able to get my pre-order theme from 100 ft. Robot Golf by doing that. Right now themes are sorta glitched, unless they just fixed it before I tried getting that theme. In the last week or so it was giving everyone errors when trying to download themes.

If this works for you, pretty please come back and let me know if the Duke pre-order theme has custom music rather than the default PS4 music. Also if possible share a video or screenshot! Nobody has shared what it looks like and if it’s nice enough and has some good music (I pray that it’s the Duke theme song) I’ll pre-order instantly!

I’m aware of stuff sneaking onto the download list like that, and unfortunately, I can confirm as of 10 minutes ago it’s still not in there.

I’m gonna assume at this point it’s just gonna be a day one delivery kind of deal. Oh well.

That’s really weird, because I’ve seen others say they just can’t download it (but that it was in their download list). You might wanna give Sony support a call, since these pre-order themes are supposed to show up when you pre-order, not on release. At least, I’ve never seen one do that.

Rang Sony a couple days ago, bloke on the phone basically just said “it will pop up when the game comes out, if it doesn’t, then ring back yo” … Hopefully he’s not full of ■■■■.