How to get raider retreat fleet to mission 5?

I am playing the HWR1 campaign for the first time and proceeded to do Raider Retreat after mission 4, where it should go in the story, but when I proceed to mission five I still have the fleet I finished mission 4 with. How do I get the game to use the fleet I have at the end of Raider Retreat as my starting fleet in mission 5?

You can’t. Raider Retreat is a side mission and has nothing to do with the main story line and cannot fit within the main campaign.

Anybody here know if there is a way to copy and paste the fleet info in the saved files?

Take a look at the persist.lua files. I remember some fleet info was in there. I once gave myself a couple extra destroyers. :slight_smile: (for fun of course, I could handle the missions fine without them)

thx lazer72. I don’t think the raider retreat mission is so very off the story-line as to not fit in, and the new dynamic difficulty means you can make additions to your fleet without throwing off the game balance. You do get around 30k RU at the end of Raider Retreat, and that is a little unbalancing. I would love to see optional missions generated by gearbox and the fan base which would fit into the existing storyline, which one could have the option of playing or not. Perhaps HWR1 and 2 could evolve into massive “chose your own ending” single player campaigns over time, in addition to new stand-alone campaigns. Since we have the classic versions intact, we are not obliged to maintain the original campaigns unadulterated. A good first step might be integrating a way to maintain fleets from missions of choice.

I was able to find the relevant files. here is hoping I can alter them without destroying my game. Fingers crossed.

If new missions are created, they will be placed in the optional missions section and will not “tie into” the main campaign at all. The main campaign will not (and ideally should not) be changed in any way, except to balance it. Raider Retreat wasn’t part of the original campaign either: it was intended to be part of the release, but Relic removed it for unknown reasons, although the most common floating around appear to be the fact that it was considered too hard and had nothing to do with the actual storyline of the game itself.

I would almost certainly stop playing Homeworld Remastered if the main campaign was altered in any way to change it from the classic versions because the game was marketed as being the same as classic with improved graphics and several other changes: saying that “you have the classic versions means we can screw up the main campaign in RM” is a terrible attitude and I hope that attitude is not taken on by the GBX developers.

I’m not a GBX developer, or have any relation to GBX, the above is just my opinion: if you need a developer’s opinion, then @BitVenom might be able to help. You are free to have your own opinions about Raider Retreat. But saying things like “let’s just screw up the main campaign, if you don’t like it play classic” is just plain wrong and insulting to the people who purchased the game for better graphics and sound quality: not everyone wants to play Classic. -_-

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I think it should be possible to add an option which allow you, when you start the campaign, to include RR mission in it and then get your fleet as you made it through the mission five.

Or when you play the mission from the optional menu, the game asks you if you want to import your fleet in the main campaign. Like that you don’t alter the original campaign with new missions, and if you want to do RR mission as it was meant to be before it’s removing, you can.

About adding other mission in campaign, I think SuperSajuuk said everything that must be said.

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I appreciate that you love the original campaign and that you do not want to play it any other way. What i tried to describe above is a method by which optional missions could be added at whim from a list of missions devised by GBX and/or independent modders. It is not difficult to imagine the game being set up in such a way as to easily accommodate those who like playing the same old campaign over and over again, as well as those who would be interested in spicing up their campaign with additional missions, or alternative story lines.

Currently we all have the option of doing this, but in order to do so we have to mess with game files; the options are not easily accessible, but they could be. HWR has a potential to do for RTS what Marvel Heroes is doing for Diablo clones, but HWR has the asset of a large community of experienced modders who can contribute practically given a little facilitation. There are a lot of players who really enjoy skirmishes against or with other players, but there is also a large community who love playing immersive and expansive campaigns. HW is remarkable for creating campaigns that allow for such tremendous replay, but it is a mistake to think that in this large community there is no one capable of improving upon the original, and it is a mistake to assume that some folks enjoying an evolving campaign precludes those of your disposition enjoying unadulterated campaigns.

I think messing with the original campaign is out of the question. It’s much better that modders create their own campaigns which is entirely possible atm.

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How do you do that

I’m not sure, though people are doing it. Better ask someone more knowledgeable than me.

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