How to get to the Shard Clusters in The Sentinel

These ones;

They are behind a force field and I haven’t been able to figure out how to get it down. It’s probably something super obvious too :weary:

Caldarius ult onto the roof over it, there’s an opening above. I’m sure there are other heroes that can get up there but he’s probably the easiest

But. I’m not playing as Caldarius.

I really hope this isn’t the only way :frowning:

Go to the room behind you. Jump on the trap and it will lead you above the platform you are standing on.
Every single treasure room can be reached without having a hero that teleports.


Wrong mo1910, you don’t need any specific hero.

Jump on top of crushers.
They will take you to new places, and let you drop in behind the forcefields.
One of the crushers will take you to a crystal that unlocks a forcefield with a large chest.

Anyone who’s had me in one of their Sentinel Runs will’ve seen me run off and disappear then come back loaded with crystals.

Haven’t found how to get a crystal yet? There’s a crusher for that - you just haven’t found it yet, or haven’t found the ledge to jump on the crusher from yet.

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What @cajnatalie said, lol.

Just ran this again the other day on splitscreen with my younger brother and finally took a second to look at those barriers and was like… “hold on a second…” xD

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Man I knew it was something super obvious. I did try once jumping on the crushers when I saw that the platform seemed to lead there but then my teammates got into trouble and I had to leave - and then I forgot about it. Thanks a ton!

First Room

Second Room

Third Room

If you’re not using someone who can jump/teleport up like Phoebe/Melka/Caldarius/Deande/etc… there’s always another way to get on top of those spike pads that jump down.

One is at the end of the hallway, just turn around and use the elevation of the stairs to hop on the crusher pad.

The second one is by the jump pad to get up to the broken platform. You can hop onto the crusher pad from there.

The third one is after you kill one of the bosses and are about to hop back into the main room, just go straight and hop on the crusher pads.


Wonderfull! :heart: bookmarked for future recommendation!

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Benedict. Easiest.

Mellka can get up there easy, any character that can jump on the traps can get up there too

Isic can also teleport onto them

You don’t NEED to teleport for them. It’s just a little easier.

Never said it’s needed. Just that teleporting faster than jumping. :stuck_out_tongue:

I finally sat down and figured them out the other day. It only took me so long because team mates love to run ahead like the game is on a timer and die, lol.


Pfft. I’d let 'em and laugh as their timers run down. I’m so mean. :imp:

Lol I’ve already solo’ed this level but went through mm to go back and try for the clusters. The same thing was happening…the team was trying to speed run the level or something and kept dying to the last boss. Me ? Casually using the tips in this thread and getting all the gear and shards while they ran out of lives. Finished the last cluster with just enough time to revive the last 2 guys and strong arm the boss ftw :joy::joy::joy:. They may have been pissed but they got epic unlocks and credits because of me.