How to give more rewards for PVP

I love pvp, I really really do. And I don’t MIND pve content for doing lore and getting loot and character exp. But really pvp needs some love on the reward side!

So my advice is…add gear drops for certain objectives being completed! How would this work you ask?

Let us take Meltdown as a good example. Your team manages to get 250 minions into the compactors…great! At the end of the match you get a single piece of loot, common to rare!

Managed to get all the way to 500? EVEN BETTER! You get a another single piece of loot, rare to legendary!

And that is just the example for map based objectives. Still working up ideas for how to make individual scoring in PVP rewarding so feel free to give feedback!

you mean certain gear type rewards for certain actions?

like if you heal a lot, get heal power gear
if you build turrets often, get buildable cost redux
etc, etc.

get gear that rewards the playstyle you demonstrated, as perhaps determined by the results screen? total damage, total healing received, etc, etc.

it’d be nice to get a gear roll and not just exp and coins.

It would have been nice if they could have split gear drops so that for some you clearly have to do story mode to get. like the legendary gear you get from bosses. and others that would only be obtainable in pvp.

Well the gear would probably be more randomized than that. But that could be a possibility. Get a bonus gear chance depending on you, the individuals, highest score outside of shards…yes…ideas…!

I somehow love that PvP doesn’t fill our bank with clutter like PvE does, but I agree it needs to feel more rewarding. Powerful legendaries only being attainable on PvE is annoying, so maybe one way or another those items could indeed be obtainable in PvP.
Maybe a lootpack at the end of a match if you won, and “just” a piece of gear if you loose. Maybe tie rewards to those little combat badges you get that are only cosmetics / fun for now ( like “you killed an ennemy in midair” ). Score is quite broken right now but something could be given to the best healer, to the best scorer, to the best minion killers, etc…

Possibilities are quite numerous, really. And it’s even more sad there are so little rewards in pvp :slight_smile: