How to go from 1.8.5 to 1.8.4?

Hello, first time posting here. So I bought the the handsome collection on Steam a few months ago since I loved the game on console, and I have been playing with my friend for old times’ sake. Then BL3 gets announced and we’re all quite excited.

So then they release an HD texture update or something like that for BL2 on the PC. The problem is, this apparently updated my game to 1.8.5, and my friend (who plays on MAC), is still running the game on version 1.8.4.

Is there a way to revert my game to my friend’s version? Or, perhaps a date for when/if the HD update will be applied to MAC? I’ve tried uninstalling some of the DLC listed in steam, to no effect. Any help or information would be appreciated.


Same boat here with some friends. Any info on upcoming compatibility fixes would be appreciated.


Kind of bummed by this. My friends and I all bought the game together on steam to play through together after the hype of the BL 3 announcement. Now I can’t play with them because this texture pack is not available for Mac.


Yeah my friends and I are trying to play together but it wont work due to one of them using mac os. Super bummed and hope this gets fixed soon.

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Does unchecking the DLC do nothing?

Actually I don’t even have the HD pack installed. I thought it was automatic at first but I suppose one as to do it manually. Regardless, my game is still at 1.8.5 while my friend on MAC is running 1.8.4.

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I had to do it manually. But TPS did it automatically. Weird, but anyways this isn’t your current issue - sorry I can’t help.

Yea I’ve tried with pack installed and not, checked and unchecked. Mac buddy is prompted to upgrade his game to join up.

Moved to the right spot. Afraid I can’t answer your question though.