How to grow Battleborn

Title. Does anyone else take the time to befriend noobs and educate them on game mechanics, gear advice, general tactics?

If you have the patience, try it out.

I know Im being extremely optimistic but wouldn’t it be nice to grow the population back to a point where Gearbox can take this game further? Give it the love it deserves?

Adopt a noob. Do it for Solus. I know on Ps4 I see low CRs ALL the time that are really interested in the game.


This needs to be a thing for most games. TF2 has it built in (with their coaching system), but those one-on-one encounters require a) coaches who aren’t trolls and b) noobs who aren’t also trolls, and both of these in high enough numbers that the system maintains some integrity. The forums here at least provide some peer review so trolls can’t “ruin” this sort of system, as much as it’s “offline” coaching.


Noone likes to be told what to do, specially in a game. It’s a condescending, demeaning act if you take the initiative to help a noob without the newcomer asking you for it. I have been through those situations on multiple games to learn that valuable lesson.

If the game itself included a feature to assist newcomers towards certain aspects of the game then it’s a completely different story. Battleborn does not have such feature.

Here’s one aspect that can actually help increase the BB. population… stop stumping pubs that consist of most/all newcomers with premades of experienced players. Finish those boring 1 sided matches quickly and don’t be rude by taunting them. These acts discourage many amateur players from continue playing the game.


It depends on how you approach someone in my experience. Helpful suggestions, like: “Wow that Shadowfire Pillar you landed last match was awesome. Consider trying out some skill damage and it will make it hit even harder!!! In fact would you like to play a few games?”

Ive brought plenty of regular players into the game this way. Just being, kind, supportive and informative in a way that is not overbearing can go a long way.

I personally mainly solo queue and sometimes duo queue with my daughter. Over the time I find players good and bad and will queue with them regardless of skill level…but mainly solo and with kiddo.


I’ve adopted several noobs. They all stoped playing after about 15 to 30 or so hours max. Even after me and my crew carried them to victory time and again. If a new player wants to learn, they may ask, and they will most definitely be helped. However I’m not got to actively hunt down new players to train only to have them leave the game in a week anyway


Unfortunately, I must second this. I still do spend a lot of time talking to new players but I no longer expect them to enjoy the game as I have.


I’ve also experienced this as well, unfortunately. However, I love this game so much and am positive, with a little direction and advice newer players respond. I personally have 12 friends on my list that are “BB Buddies” that I’ve played with since they were in single or double digit CR’s.

A lot do end up dropping the game…and that’s frustrating as hell to have wasted my time helping them fetch this piece of Max Rolled gear X, or this or that lore challenge only to have them ghost out. However, overall the ones that I turned into die-hard players are worth it.

I personally will continue but I can see people reasons for not wanting to.

Also, it doesn’t hurt that I don’t mind too much getting pub-stomped repeatedly while trying to help newer players. Every loss should be a learning experience & every win should be even more a time of reflection on what you could have done better. Win/win.

…so yeah, I started rambling a while ago.

Madlove all.


Eh, I can respect it. I really can. Props to you my friend, I sure as hell dont have the patience for it anymore.

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If the game itself is good enough - the people will stay no matter the details. (Just look at PUBG)

Battleborn has failed in many things. And it’s not the players that need to invest their time to help to grow the player population, it’s the devs and publishers that need to do their jobs correctly.

Battleborn is done. It will never get back up.

Unless it’s Battleborn 2 with all the right moves and choices done to make the game as good as possible for as many people as possible.

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Yeah a year and a half have passed for the game that pretty much flopped on the word go. Too much time has passed, the game was deemed not good (and whether or not you agree with that statement, that’s the Battleborn world we live in) or at the very least inferior to Overwatch. Whatever the reason, people did not play it. Now you see all these new players popping into a game that was largely overlooked except by the people who played it.

While a lot of people did leave for whatever reason, those that stayed and got good at the game are still playing and the new players cannot hang with a year and a half of experience. Thus they quickly figure it’s best to just return the game/leave it because it’s impossible to play.

As far as guiding new players, I’ve tried going out of my way to teach a player to play a character; took said player aside and taught them some tips and tricks with Benedict (like teaching them how to cancel divebomb’s landing animation, movement, everything I could). I’m not arrogant enough to say that there is only one way to play a character, but I ended up against him not much later and he was still doing the same things I had informed him not to do because they were bad (excessive flying for example). It was a while ago and I have no way of telling others how to play their game, even if I did I don’t have the right to do so. Adding onto this, and plenty of people have said this before including me, the five-mans exist (lingering) simply because eliminating the amount of new players on their teams eliminate room for error/maximize chances of success. It’s simple as that, eventually the new players will get better if they stick with the game, but with Battleborn dragging itself along this past couple months and many vet players being seen less and less (I’m actually less than a thousand kills with Benedict away from jumping ship myself), there MIGHT be a new generation of good players rising, IF and only IF they can bite the bullet and force themselves through all the frustrating five mans they are going to come up against.

Truthfully, I don’t see that happening; MAYBE 1-2 of 10 new players stick with it. I doubt it though.


I agree with Ada, the adopting a noob is too precarious not just on talent and consideration but time. the best we can hope for is for gearbox to get a little creative with training. Possibly with a character by character training so players can get experience, with specified characters and all they can do. What this game needs is to eliminate the “dead time” and the time wasters. what i mean by that is this. 1) dead time. fist example, finding a team. i have written this all in the time it takes just to find a team. This process can take a while. this still includes the voting (why is there voting to begin with?) and preparing for battle. 2) and this is the kicker TIME WASTERS! all of the people who surrender or leave the game after it started. i get that sometimes you have poor connection or ■■■■ happens IRL. When i am losing, my kill death is 0 and 20 the only thing that pisses me off more than playing, is someone surrendering. It’s not over till the fat lady sings. i mean i am ready to beat the players who surrender with a baby seal. and i use a head set so i hear others who agree with me. i mean i can handle defeat. i can handle getting my ass handed to me. but i just don’t give up. I am a marine, both my parents are Marines, and i didnt get here by giving up. it is engraved into my very being. you dont get better by giving up when it gets tough. anyways most of the time i spend on here is wasted by either waiting for games that dont happen or wasting a whole game because someone surrenders. adopting noobs wont work because not all noobs will get adopted. we just need a training area that goes over all the battleborns specific abilities.

That’s all fine and dandy if you actually follow that mentality and perseverance in real life. I’m a investor, when many panick/quit due to the down turn of the stock market and start selling their securities, i’m maintain myself calm, hold my investments and even buy more. I have made tons of money because of that simple approach.

In a game, it’s different. Surrendering is not about giving up or quiting… it’s about letting go something that’s extremely boring to play something fun. Through experience, you can tell when a boring 1 sided match is about to take place before the game even starts (in map selection screen)…

This is mostly through solo queuing. Under a premade it’s a different story even if you are with only 1 friend. Such matches can add some spark of enjoyment, at least that’s my case. I understand the frustration from those that tie together game and real life quiting concept but I wish those same individuals understand the other side of the story without negative remarks.

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I have been saying that voting needs one of each game mode (one map from incursion, one from meltdown, one from capture and one from face off) instead of three + “no preference” since gearbox started this “quickly only” matchmaking.

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It would also REALLY help the new players to see what rank they were playing against. It would help to minimize the mid (or should I say early) game leaving when they play against players with more experience than them

There is a lot of panic/quit in battleborn too. i have had games where in the first 5 minutes they killed our sentry and my team wants to immediately surrender. there has been games that after that first 5 minutes we get our ■■■■ together and win. that is more common than you think. Also i was playing a game with my dad a couple days ago where we won in the last 10 seconds when we were trailing the whole game by a sentry. I could go on and on but the games where one team is just far out classed, don’t last long, so there shouldn’t be a reason to surrender. If players find the game boring, perhaps they should not play battleborn. The game is fun even if your severely out classed (winning isn’t everything. if it is that important to you, maybe you should play more get better rather than surrendering all the time.)

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it use to be like that, why did they take it away?

People were complaining because people would dodge as soon as they saw they were outranked before the game started. The same argument could be made now, but honestly with the population so low, lower than then, they should really put that back in place so new players know what they are getting into ahead of time.

It would help minimize the people who left mid game. I would suggest improving their bot AI above brain dead, but since dev support was pulled, and hotfixes are all we’ve got, then that’s what they should do.

I’d rather get dodged by new players rather than stomp on them because they have no idea they are playing against a full 5 man with almost 2 years experience.

Games like these are so unfriendly to new players it’s not even funny.

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wouldn’t it be easier to just have the games balanced automatically?

It used to display levels but the devs took that away to mask the unresolvable matchmaking system. You can still see the levels of every player in the character selection screen but newcomers won’t know how.

There are way too many players that like to stall boring 1 sided matches. Last night I was in one where it lasted all 30 mins where our opponents a full premade of level 150 had 79 kills compared to my team composed of all low levels had 3 kills (from me)

Those are not 1 sided games and I would understand you being upset if players surrender in those matches. On 1 sided matches those scenarios will never occurred unless the opponents lose 2 or more of their players through disconnection.

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