How to grow Battleborn

Yeah I like Battleborn and it saddens me on how it turned out. I think its a great game but because the population is so slim, it just lacks vibrancy and heavily detracts from the experience. Things should’ve been alot different and Battleborn doesn’t deserve to be a flop cuz its a quality unique experience. I wish things were different but gamers just never gave it a real chance. I think eventually alot of people trickled in over time and tried it and found it to be quite good but quickly come to the realization that its dead so they move on. Kinda what I did to be honest. Although unlikely, id live to see a Battleborn 2 but they need to capture an audience better that time around. But im pretty confident its not gonna happen unfortunately.

Gearbox also chose not to fully support certain regions like Australia and Asia with appropriate servers that could handle the traffic…A lot of people in those regions did give it a chance, but red bars drove a lot of people away (myself included, though the lack of content had a lot to do with that as well)…


How about having the free version listed in the free games section, and not in the demo section in the playstation store. People love free games, not demos for games they have never heard of.


Yeah hatemail and negativity will not grow the game.

Edit: Mary Mother of Jojo! Somebody likes them golds.

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There are SO many people everyday(at least on Ps4) that are joining and sticking around. After so much production into such an underrated game that people are just recently starting to notice more and more, why not have at least small updates to character balance and such, perhaps even Loot events and such? Something to keep the potential extended?

This game is just too damned good to die damnit!!!

2K obviously doesn’t see the potential revenue the game still has.

Its baffling…In fact, Ive noticed several Overwatch Youtubers switching to BB in the past few weeks asking themselves why they passed such a fun game up.

The hidden gem is finally getting noticed and GBox/2k are just taking a dump on their own plate.

Come on, its time to make a push into lane!!

Just throwing this out there, worth keeping in mind.


^^^ Obvious missed potential is obvious.

Why not at least try a full on free to play at this point? What will it hurt? The diehards are still gonna be here and it could potentially bring more players to snack up those tasty skins and taunts that was JUST released?

I just dont get it…well I do but I dont want to…


And my team won too. There were two Bolas Target finders, an Ordeni and an Oscar Mike running Gauntlet+Tracking Spike. His Caldarius was one of the ones running Bolas.

But in order to reply to your comment in a less snarky and sarcastic fashion. The people who roll around in five mans typically are just people who get along with one another and are just damned good at the game. There were certainly people I didn’t like playing against myself, especially towards the end of my Battleborn career. They are only ■■■■■■■■ if their personalities don’t align with yours. If they are actively doing something, like sending hate mail for example, to you then they might be being a bit too competitive/rude. How they conduct themselves personally has nothing to do with their skills at the game. There have been people who’s personalities I couldn’t stand, but I respected them cause they are/were really ■■■■■■■ good at the game.

My advice, be humble and keep practicing. Stop thinking you’re the best at everything, cause there’s always someone better than you. And get better. Practice makes perfect.


Completely false. Most are just average skilled that think they are damm good because they can defeat pubs/premades that consist of average and below average skilled opponents. The moment a team of high skill players face them, they always receive a devastating defeat. Some are even below average skilled once they get out of their comfort zone of being in a premade. At least that’s on Xbox and I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s the same on the other platforms. It’s a very typical case on competitive multiplayer games that consist of low player base.

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Battleborn by platforms xbone: most players, least competitive. Ps4 low player base, most competitive. PC dead with Dunk Squad.

Trust me most competitive players CAN and will hard carry given the chance. It’s not hard, even if they are solo. I played on monuments once, went 28 and 0, carrying scrubs (Alani was a low level riptide healer) and won because my stats were better than the enemy team’s. The premade groups on ps4 are a mix of some of the best players across all platforms.

I can name 5 players off the top of my head from ps4 that can be considered the best of the best hard carries


Vagrant, Nemo, Crow, Ash and Fluffy?

I could name more, but you said “5 off the top of my head”.

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As much as nemo is my friend, nope. Deande , yes. Thorn too.

Vagrant, Hell Yeah, haloblade, supernova and ether crow or ash


I don’t know if I agree with haloblade, but those are some of the others i had in mind, yeah.

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Most of the NA players on PC have quit. It is (let me quote) just a bunch of cabbages who still play here.

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Yea, I have hear the same so many times from PS4 players yet when I see multiple clips of their gameplay, they contained too many flaws that highly skilled players never do (unless they are extremely bored or purposely lowering their gameplay expertise). I’m sure there are a couple amazing players over in that platform just like in Xbox but your statement that typically 5 man are “damm good” is completely inaccurate.

Many say the same thing on Xbox yet their gameplay is way below of what their ego is telling them.

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I’ve noticed that as well…


Nobody is perfect, but comparing ps4 to xbone. I know during league that @Nemosis327 and @blainebrossart1 played their first games on Xbox league and nemo had like a triple kill in the first like minute as deande.


Is that something you would consider to be high skilled?

Unless you can name another Deande that has done that besides say Phoenix or Shadowshaven. Yes. Especially in a tournament dubbed competitive league.


Based on your response on my IM I can see the difference in criterias we have to consider someone highly skilled. Based on yours then most of the average skilled players on Xbox are highly skilled or damm good. That would make your statement accurate then. No more off topic posts coming from me.