How to grow Battleborn

farming is not as much a problem as that. yes there are games that you get farmed. this can be fixed by game balancing. Not an unreasonable request to gearbox. being in a position to farm or be farmed, is a problem, but they shouldn’t fix this rather then allow for surrender and create addition problems, like panic quitters.

also on those games people are asking for surrender. so one of five teammates have already called it quits. not so great for moral

I know how to check player level, but new players don’t. They should’ve changed it back to where people can see each others ranked before voting starts.

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I guess we need a Battleborn Battlegrounds Royale mode :sweat_smile:


BAM! instant goty. lets do it. im sure we can find an unreal base battleground game and throw in a cast of ecclectic characters. last faction standing wins. fight!

Most of the issues and complains found on this forum can be fixed with game balancing, including surrendering.

I have been in matches where both teams consist of all newcomers, low level players except for me. Purposely, I have lowered my gameplay to their experience to make it an even match. I have witnessed how much they enjoy the matches. Even when my team is losing, they don’t vote for surrender or quit simply because it’s not a boring 1 sided match. On the other side of the story I have seen those same players on unbalanced matches and they quickly leave or vote for surrender.


Would be cool if Gbox would implement maybe a separate queue for CRs lower than 100(or whatev) and then the 150’s can all stomp against each other. 100 levels of pvp/pve should give one enough experience that when the make the leap into the big pool of sharks it wouldnt be as hard on them.

Er…or something. Yeah.

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They already did that for awhile.

It could, but since gearbox pulled major support for the game, complaints and ideas are all we have.

This has been mentioned multiple times on the forums. Gearbox seemed to prioritize their microtransactions over actual balancing.

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The irony of it is that they inserted all of it after the majority of the population left. Like, they can’t even milk it on time.


Good Word.

I don’t like the tone this is heading into.

Positive contributions, please. No need to go over the same old complaints.

With all due respect sir, this is not going over old complaints but simply stating the unfortunate way things ultimately panned out.

We just love this game or we wouldn’t be here discussing. Sometimes the truth is harsh.


What if Gearbox has a secret DDA algorithim behind the scenes.

Jk probably not just having funsies

What about a GoFundMe type page for a community tournament open to free trial players?

The game has improved drastically since launch. Maybe we could entice some top players from other games to try to win some easy free money in a Battleborn tournament.

With the Ready Player One advertising it could have potential.

The issue remains, a company not willing to a back or continue to make large scale improvements to their game means the game is officially on the downturn. There are numerous bugs, issues and things that need fixing and the game would’ve had to do well when it was released to see continued support and the company who created it (gearbox) would’ve had to rappidly implement improvements that its playerbase requested.

There are character nerfs that haven’t been and will never be issued (Thorn and Oscar Mike being chief among them)

There are still abuse of exploits/glitches (El Dragoon)

There are still broken gear interactions (Bolas+Voxis+Poor M Pulse)

There are still high numbers of buggy characters (Shayne’s fetch, while vastly improved from where it was a few months ago, still freaks out from time to time, collision detection on walls and characters, in certain maps)

These are things that have been mentioned over and over and over again and with that last “final update” it’s quite clear that the developers weren’t listening to the players and if they were then it was too little too late a lot of the time. Patches were announced for certain time periods and then we’d get them up to a month after that time period had already passed sometimes.

My point being that dedicated, quicker patches would’ve been helpful in retaining the players the game started with. Not taking 3+ weeks off for what should’ve been weekly updates

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Oh I see.

So you don’t want to talk about how we can help grow Battleborn as it is?

I think the point is that the game won’t bounce back at this point. There really isn’t anything we can do except let it die.


Yeah that is a valid point. Battleborn 1 won’t be an Overwatch killer and has plenty of complaints but it’s free to try and going to be alongside Overwatch characters in a movie.

A change of heart for the general gaming public, that may not know about the improvements, could help the idea of a Battleborn 2. (Maybe sorta hopefully)

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