How to handle Badasses with unlimited rocket launcher missiles

Currently playing TVHM+Mayhem 2
Thanks to good gear the game is starting to get easy again…

Except against 2 particular enemy type, particularly when there are many of them together:
Question then: How do I handle them?
I’d like to be part of the elite club of 98% of player base who find game easy too! :stuck_out_tongue:

  • the rocket launcher one, they spam rocket launch that even hit behind cover get you staggered for almost as long as it take for next rocket to come (particularly frozen ones), obscure the vision (hard to aim), not sure how to approach them, and if there are 2 or more, hooolala

  • the lightning bolt one. as soon as some enemy are close enough a life force leeching lightning bolt link them to you and life goes down fast :confused: I guess I need electricity immunity shield perhaps, if I could find one… if may of them run at me… I have to use second wind (so far…) :open_mouth: