How to ignite firework?

Hey guys,

Apologies for my noob question, not sure if I’m having a blonde moment or my game is bugged…

On the quest The Name of The Law , its a two part , (DLC 3)

  1. to hit the coresploder the green crystal tree thing which I’ve done

  2. Ignite the firework, how on earth do I do that?!!

I’ve tried shooting the red crates by the big red firework but no joy.

Thx in advance !

Haven’t done the DlC yet, but I know in previous BL’ s you had to use a Fire weapon to ignite stuff. Maybe give that a try?

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You do (2) by positioning yourself so that (1) sets off the massive pile of fireworks which are glowing red.

And don’t worry, you’ll have plenty of practice doing this as you continue through the story!

(Plus moved to Spoilers because spoilers)

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Yep, you’ve gotta hit it JUST right, took me a few tries!

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Hey guys!

Thanks so much, deffo having a blonde moment yesterday !!

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Okay I’m playing the off the rails part of the DLC And I’ve gotten 2Part where you have to ignite The 2Dynamite On rails I’ve tried about 20 times hitting the green crystals and it doesn’t seem to reach it I’ve never had a problem with the doing it another parts of the game but this 1 it seems like it just can’t reach it I’m using an Xbox 360 wire but like I said I’ve really the thing like 20 times and it just doesn’t work

Not sure which quest you’re referring to, but have you tried crouching before hitting the crystals?

I sometime found that crouching behind the cactus and then hitting it allow me to better aim and more importantly shoot the spray a little higher.

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If you have a Facepuncher, it will cure any Crystal that does not go far enough.
Crouching definitely helps on some, especially for FL4K who is plagued the worst when it comes to the Crystals. But a Facepuncher does the trick every time…

I tried crouch it first before hitting the crystals and that didn’t work I tried jumping and hitting the b button down to do an aerial smash and that didn’t work either I’m playing is the siren
I’m having issue also on the beans and blood side quest with the same issue when I got up to the top of the cave and was hitting the crystals like 20 times and nothing would work

I am now using Amara. Of the 4 VH her melee has worked the best. Well, in her case I have been carrying a Proprietary License that is bladed and adds +60 melee damage so I think this is helping. Worst case, pull out a Facepuncher. If you are on PS4 and need one, I have several.
Facepuncher has worked every time.

I discovered that the coresploder hits where I aim, even if it is through the crystals. I have had no issues since I discovered this.

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I found out how to do it! You have to go around the other side of the green glory tree so the tree is between you and the red/green glowing wall. Then melee the green tree. And parts of it will hit the wall causing it to explode opening the wall!