How to improve Mayhem Mode

Currently, the problem with mayhem mode is that it does the big “no-no” in how to increase difficulty, which is it TAKES power away from the player which makes it feel not fun and frustrating. Instead, it should do as the name suggests and cause the game to be chaotic.

Instead of having modifiers that make you do more or less damage, the modifiers should be like one that’s already in the game, which is “enemies launch an extra projectile”. Using this idea, modifiers should be like…

Enemies explode upon death dealing damage to the player
Every 20 seconds meteors fall from the sky dealing damage to the player
Enemy explosions have double the radius
Enemy attacks have random elemental effects when they deal damage
Enemies leave trails of elemental effects on the ground as they move
When enemies die they turn into goliaths

These are the types of modifiers that mayhem mode should have. It would change up the game play and would cause the game to be chaotic and offer a greater challenge without causing players to feel like they are losing power.

Feel free to add any other modifiers that you think would complement these types of modifiers to help the team at gearbox improve the game we love to play!

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that would be insane and get frustrating at the same time seeing how they lvl when they rage out an kill things…can u imagine a map with 10 godliaths (max lvl goliaths).

The problem is, the game need to run on base xbox too…

Nothing wrong with taking g power away from the player. I main Path of Exile and you make builds based on potential debuffs.

The problem are with the debuffs themselves.

  1. Reflect is a completely useless modifier that brings nothing to the game. It’s an automatic quit to main menu.

  2. The debuffs are applied too randomly… -elemental damage, then the next line is + to incidiary. Makes no sense. It’s just seems the debuffs are applied in a very lazy manner.

  3. At a certain point there’s no reason the play Mayhem Mode at all. You can get all the loot and exp you want just farming Graveward at Mayhem 3. Then you can trade for what you want and the Guaradian rank levels have huge diminishing returns at high levels. Once you get all the Guardian perks there no reason to use it any further. Just farm bosses at Mayhem 3 and play the game at Regular level.

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the debuffs kinda help tho when u can do things like crit swap…(every bl game has) things go from this is kinda challenging to that guys mush hes mush an he is paste lol i mean really tho one shot pretty much everything with the right build. i can see how the mods on mh3 can kinda counter this but even then…uvhm here we come lmao…