How to Improve the game for DLC/updates (feel free to add your recommendations)

There are a lot of people who are dropping the game currently. I personally will be sticking it out for a bit longer but that is only because my friend bought the game and we want to play something together. If I was solo playing I’d be taking a break pending content or patch.

I’ve played every borderlands ever made and every DLC made. (context on my experience).
Now that I’ve stated my position, I wanted to talk positively first before my criticism.

The good stuff:

The game play is very good, the new fire rates, new gun manufacturers, weird legendary’s (ex gungun), cameo guns (personal fav), adding new type of character aka beast master character, map design was greatly improved, new car customization and boss design (seriously I loved the boss fights especially the early ones).

The graphics are really impressive especially considering the amount of detail put into arguably a more cartoon like art style.

The new game modes are 10/10.

The side missions were the best part of the game.

The Traunt brothers were the zaney characters expected of borderlands.

Now for what needs improved:

The game fell short for many of the player base (new and veteran) because of bugs and performance.
I personally have struggled with FPS at 2k resolution in Co-op when I have a vega 64, 1800x and 16gb of 3600 ram and the game is on an SSD.

Console performance is poor, but I understand that is also a limitation of hardware the consoles have to work with.

The bank bug and cloud saving should never have been a problem with proper testing. But since companies send review copies to YouTuber’s and streamers that don’t realistically give a ■■■■ about the game, due to them getting so much income from releasing early game play and hyping the game. Or if they would give honest impressions which is rare (because they want exclusive access to your next game) they simply don’t know what to look for or haven’t play previous games.
The best part is that this games entire campaign is basically a joke about how fake/crap streamers are these days. (Here’s an idea, give small or non streamers the access, this not only then makes new content creators, but then you would be getting real opinions from people who play the game and don’t make content from it).

I know many others expected cross platform.
Personally, I couldn’t play with some of my mates which was tragic. They mentioned it would be coming. Personally the most fun time in the game (the first few playthroughs) have already past.

THE NET CODE IS SUCH GARBAGE IT HURTS! I have a studio microphone with behringer amp that literally picks up sound from rooms away and 50% of the time I can’t even get the game to record my voice correctly (much less hear the other person). There is also tons of rubber banding and general lag increase when coop which is clearly the way the game was meant to be played.

THE GAME IS TOO “POLITICALLY CORRECT” and its PC’ness had NO consistency! (I could make an entire post on this).

(Personally the most important part of a single player game is the story).
ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU CAN’T SKIP ANY CUT SCENE (huge con, especially when on 2nd+ playthrough).

The villains sucked and were annoying as hell, only one joke from the twins over the entire playthrough “landed” for me. (The clinger ■■■■ joke before meeting Tannis).
The main (good) characters are like unrealistic sorority sisters that previously were badass that have been nerfed into the floor so the two reject villains could walk all over them.

My character is clearly there for EVERY cutscene but refuses to do anything and won’t even be shown or speak. I thought this was my story as a VH, I mean my character ends up doing everthing for the reject squad anyway.

At the start of the game Lilith asks what my characters name is… The rest of the game every character calls you vault hunter or VH because GB was too lazy to make 4 voice lines (one for each character).

The new VH personalities suck except for Zane and Fl4k. (Moze has no personality, Amara is a the most typical D&D paladin possible (in a bad way)).
The “reasons” the VH joins this merry band of sorority girls.
The other characters from previous games are wasted or personality is mostly gutted and has blind faith in the people the consistently screw up.
Ava is the most hated character in the game yet they force her into the spotlight because “girl power” (which i’m all for, idc who the character is it could be a trans, trap, gay, straight, pan, etc.) but my problem is the character needs to be interesting and Ava isn’t.

This is personal and not based on many users,I dread the Eden 6 planet every playthough. (Loved the killer AI boss and that whole mission though).

The side mission characters which are the best in the game can’t talk to your character after the side mission.
The number of voice lines for just talking to characters are less then 10 even on “major” characters. These also have no effect on the playthrough.

I might think of more but to type out every little thing people don’t want to read. (More of a video kind of conversation).


Just read your own forums for loot and balance. If I was to state every balance here this would be a masters level dissertation.
Tons of legendary’s are useless in mayhem mode.
Tons of legendary’s are useless for some of the vault hunters.
Bring the other items up to the level of good items! Instead of nerfing the good items!
With your current balancing all your doing is forcing everyone to use the most broken youtube builds because the other builds suck comparatively or are unusable.
Stop nerfing everything around Fl4k.

The current cast seems to do one thing really well and not have much variety in their skill trees, this will get stale.

The bazillion guns are really just the same guns with different buffs to the base stats. (I wouldn’t even have a problem with this if you were just honest and said the number of guns in marketing for the game.)

The “skins” don’t fundamentally change the characters at all they just move colors around and some of them throw in a logo or two.

Two of the 4 VH (Amara and Moze) use basically the same jacket, which is the same as the Australian character from Atlas in Promethea.

There should have been twice as many heads at launch.

For performance optimize and test the game (sooner then later would be nice).
Cross platform (after you fix the current issue with performance).

Bring all the bad or middle of the road gear up to the level of the good stuff instead of just nerfing good stuff making the viable or good gear list smaller and smaller (aka make the number of viable builds increase instead of decrease).

More skill trees for existing cast or new vault hunters, the current cast seems to do one thing really well and not have much variety in their skill trees, this will get stale. (Just add more).

Remove the needless political correctness. (Ex Ellie calls someone a bitch, yet the other characters say “slagging” instead of “f u ck ing”.)
Just remove Ava (send her to school or something IDC). (I loved Gaige which was a character like Ava age/personality wise done right).

New villains for DLC just start from scratch. (maybe with the death of the COV have tons of bandit warlords vie for power and you can pick one to support during the power struggle.) (Or help Katagawa’s sister you save in the side mission take over Maliwan) (IDK something new).

Focus the story on MY character (or atleast have him or her interact with the new characters) instead of the clearly useless “white knight” (lawful good) squad the game currently has as the main cast.

Add more unique cosmetics that change the clothes of the character instead of skins which are basically just moving colors around and some of them having a design on them.
Add more head after the clothing skins please.

Well that’s my essay of borderlands 3, hope it was informative and feel free to comment your own thoughts below because to make a game great they will need feed back. That’s the goal of this, not to take away from a good game.


You should type out every little thing, I would read it. I like reading my own thoughts typed by someone else. The “skins” palette swaps blew my mind when I realized even the legendaries are that way. The legendary skins still drop as well for no good reason after unlocked, I try to think they would have just been commons otherwise anyway.

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For me, I am reluctant to play the game on other characters because I don’t want to watch and listen to nearly 3 hours of content I’ve already seen/heard. Plus being forced to load sanctuary every 5 or 6 missions seems like just a way for them to pad the play-time of the story. This leaves me with playing my main, Moze. However I would like to try the other vault hunters but my play time is limited and I would rather enjoy my time than have to re-watch stuff I’ve already seen.

When it comes to balance, it seems to me that they need to buff more and nerf less. Nerfing is a necessary tool to balancing, but so is buffing.

I would much rather have seen them leave the “OP builds” alone and buff the other options to a point where people naturally migrate to the builds they truly enjoy playing. Then they could balance across the board by changing resistances or something along those lines.

Especially when the netcode is such crap. Whenever I play with other players, if I am not host the lag is unbearable. And I’m playing on a 500/500 fiber optic connection so you can’t say I need better internet.
They can’t argue that the end-game content shouldn’t be solo playable if the netcode is un-playable. Rubber-banding when I try to walk is unacceptable in the current generation of online gaming. Menu lag only compounds this issue even further since I have to equip items sometimes two or three times for it to actually equip on someone else’s host.

In the end, it’s a PVE game and the goal should be to make all builds playable, not necessarily equal. The recent Fl4k nerfs made some of his builds un-playable and that’s not acceptable.

I for one and glad I did not buy the DLC or special editions if this is how they plan to balance the game. I won’t be playing much longer if their balancing tactics remain the same and they don’t add more end-game content in the next few free updates.
Which is sad because I had planned on getting all the DLC originally.

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Well I didn’t want it to sound like a rant too much because few people much less game companies respond well to criticism.

But, I’m glad im not the only one thinking this.

I hate getting dupe drops of skins since they only sell for $1 and I get them ALL THE TIME! They also have to be reacquired for every character which is tedious.

The skins and weapons definitely could have been handled better.

I couldn’t agree more as someone who did play three characters I got to the point where I just monologue to my friend about every single gripe. Every single play time pad mission, reused asset, character ark, character selection, mood, timing, and of course absence of your character in missions yet being force to watch them.

Buff more nerf less (I couldn’t agree more). I also would rather had many op and fun builds “good” over just a few that only people who are tryhards in a PVE game will use. Legit if there is no build I enjoy that is strong I’ll just stop playing.

THE NET CODE IS SUCH GARBAGE IT HURTS! I have a studio microphone with behringer amp that literally picks up sound from rooms away and 50% of the time I can’t even get the game to record my voice correctly (much less hear the other person).

They need to fix the net code like you said so we can coop content made to be played with others. Yet most of the time the SP is the only way to play, even with all their sales I still wait 20-40 mins until someone joins my game with public match making. (Then our mics only work 40% of the time).

Yeah I’m glad I bought the game with a discount code and didn’t bother looking at any edition above the cheapest.