How to include my font in Borderlands

I want to alter the official font of the game that it supports national characters like ű and ő. I would like to play the game translated, but obviously without these characters, the usable vocabulary is limited.

My idea is to locate the original font file, alter it and load it back into the game. I’ve done a little research online, and noone really focuses on this exact problem. The only solution I found, is to change the GFxUI file, to use some other font, but I want to preserve the original fontstyle.

Does anyone has something useful for my problem?

I’m just guessing here: never mucked with the fonts in Borderlands, but have mucked with custom fonts in Windows. If the font file that Borderlands uses doesn’t have these characters, you may be able to add them manually with the built in font editor in Windows (open a Run prompt and run eucdedit.exe). I think you’d need to first register the font in Windows (so the program can see it), then link your private character set to this font, add them (this is a huge step if you’re not familiar with it), then copy the modified font back to its home in the Borderlands directories?

edit - curious how Steam would handle this. If you ever went to verify the integrity of your game files, presumably Steam would overwrite this revised font file, so in your backup (where you should have the original, unaltered font file because that’s a good idea), I’d add your modified file for this reason.


Ohh thank you, thats a good idea, though I’m not really sure how to register a font in Windows or where Steam stores the games fonts. And this is very important, as I also want to get OUT the font files first, to start altering them. (I’ve found some fonts online, but not really sure if that’s the original one. Compacta Bd BT only exists in bold - that’s what Bd stands for - but in GFxUI it says normal… So that’s why I’m puzzled.)

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