How to keep the game fresh?

I’ve had it since its been out, beaten it dozens of times, 2 level 50+ characters and OP8 character… pre-sequel isn’t offering enough meat to keep me enthralled with no other campaign dlc yet. How can keep number 2 alive and going for me, thought about buying BL1 again and playing that since mine was broke few years ago.

Nothing like starting a new character and seeing how they play out. I’ve got the six VHs, plus two alts (Axton and Gaige) where I took a different build tree through normal and true modes.

The other thing you can do is compare the build on one of your existing characters with some of those in the relevant character forum, and try switching things around a bit.

Probably the easiest way to keep any game fresh, though, is to play it with someone else - especially if it is their first time through the game.


Well thank you for the tip, but the problem is me and my wife both have been massive fans since the first game, even helped us during some of our worse times that we had to face together. Her the siren, me the either the sneaky sniper or in your face soldier. Just prolly gonna step back from the game for a bit, maybe get one again. Or just finally play watchdogs, lol

Well, you could always go Mechromancer/Assassin or Mechromancer/Psycho! Mind you, there would be a lot of in-game screaming on that second combo…

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We’ve done Mechromancer/Psycho and yes there was alot of screaming lol. And their revive lines fit well together “good friend touch” lol. But Gaiges when she’s slagged is my favorite.

Go ahead and pick up BL1 again. Starting fresh will keep you busy.


Like @AMG_75 said, pick up a copy of BL1 again. You can probably pick up a game of the year copy for less than 20 bucks. I put TPS down about a month ago and went back to BL1 myself.


Loyalty runs or rarity runs (like white-only) can also make things pretty interesting. I did a white-only run that was an absolute blast, especially because you won’t be able to use any red-text weapons.

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Odd question mate. You ever do full run throughs as a team?

I.E. with 4 friends.

Coordination can be super difficult (as in when to get on), but it is very fruitful as it feels like a brand new game.

No, usually juste and the wife, barely have net, usually have to play with 4G tether so doesn’t make for great game experience lol

Hah! Gulfwulf and I have the same method.

The most I’ve ever been on with is the Missus, my best mate, and his Missus.

We did wreck it though. :sunglasses:

You could try a online challenge for fun. Luck the challenge (can’t remember the name) where yoy only have one life and if you die you have to delete the character anf start again. You’d have to search it up because I dont know the rules.

Iron Man. Basically if you respawn, you start over unless your death was caused by a glitch. I would only do this in UVHM because the gear is better and you have more skill points.

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a few ideas of what we did to make things challenging and new:

  • White item only run
  • Loyalty run - guns, mods (class, shield, grenade, etc) all have to be the same maker - with or without relic


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Those are some good ideas, thanks everyone.

I’ve considered doing an entirely dice-rolled character run. Dice-roll for class. And then dice-roll for every single skill point you spend. Whatever luck tells you to do, build your playstyle and gear around it!

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That sounds like a blast, as well as a head ache. If you beat OP8 doing that, you deserve to have a Golden Handsome Jack mask sent to your home.

play the other critters. get her to play sal or krieg.


EDIT: If this WAS something I decided to do, would anyone be interested in the progress?

I kind of lucked out with this; I first got BL2 when it was available on the PS+ store last January, so I had access to all the DLC and level caps right away (except Craw Jr; that came out in April). I took my first Zero straight to OP8, never really taking the time to enjoy everything else (sidequests, BA challenges, etc.). When TPS came out, I took a different approach: I wanted to do every sidequst, find all the chests behind electric fences, do BA challenges, etc. So now, I’m back on BL2, running through every quest at lv. 72 with my siren (who is also OP8, but i’m farming up gear for her at 72.)