How to kill Galilea

Gal’s dark fury got you down? You feel like she’s broken and you’re helpless? Here is how to end up taunting her!!

First, the real issue. Gal is not Op, at least, not nearly as much as people getting stomped by her think. Team work, however, is OP and always will be. If you are facing a supported gal on your own, you will die. This is because she is using team work and you aren’t! So go make friends and deploy some of that sweet OP friendship power yourself. Before you complain about needing friends, remember this is an objective based team game, not a TDM lobby shooter. That gal made friends and she’s a dirty OP toon using poo face. You, obviously of higher morals, can surely make at least as many people like you as she has.

Gal’s big weakness: Shield penetration and CC reduction.

At the moment with the game so new gear is poorly understood and under utilized. Many people are entering PVP with no CC reduction. Full duration stuns kill you in every PvP game ever. Take some. While getting gear is kinda sucky At the moment everyone faces the same sucky system so suck it up buttercup.

The second gear or helix trait to consider: Shield penetration. Gal is only a dps powerhouse when her HP is max. Deal even one point of health damage and her bonus dps vanishes. With her damage nerfed she is a reduced threat. Now get your friends to pressure her support. If you kill or push the support then gal is extremely vulnerable and will either die or be pushed.

The other big concern: early feeding. If you let a gal and support get a lot of early easy kills they will out level you and dominate. Don’t die stupidly early on.

A good two man combo to counter gal+support is Oscar Mike + Caldarius. Run the blade build on these forums, use it as suggested to zip in and kill/push miko while penetrating Oscar nerfs Gal.

Marqui + anyone is also great at this. If you can’t consistently kill/push miko as Marqui then you need to practice more!

I will now start to copy some suggestions other have offered to keep all needed info in one place:

@Radical : Orendi built aggressive with 60% shield pen on shadow flare can burst gal down. Use your size and agility to avoid shield toss. Use push back mele to limit time in silence field.

@ninjafoxx : Deandre using level 3 mutagen can chain launch gal into the air. Even her shield doesn’t stop the knock up. So knock her up to knock her down. This is effective against nearly all characters without a double jump or directional jump mechanic.

@MP-Omnis : Melka emphasize poison uptime to prevent gal’s bonus damage and use your mobility skills to keep her at range. With Melka’s knock back, withdraw and high mobility it’s just a matter of playing smart. Effective against all brawlers including Gal.

@MP-Omnis : Ambra equipped with movement speed shoes can sun leash and kite gal to death. Make use of sunspots and wind to keep health and damage in your favor.

@SmokusPocus : Rath can just spin to win. Use your ninja moves, approach from flank or rear, murder.


Was not aware Galilea had a DPS boost at full health/shield. Will try to invest in some of Thorn’s Shield penetration buffs for Volley so that I can take her out with the squad more easily.

Thanks for the tips! Good to know!


Her purple lazers only fire if she has 100% hp. Dropping her below 100% cuts her damage in half and removes her ranged ability for pursuit kills.

You’re telling good combos to Gali with the mindset that when you start a game, you know you’re going against a Gali. If that in itself isn’t a sign of something wrong with Gali… Shouldn’t have to always run a combo in order to stop a Gali. Gali as it stands has highest DPS, best tank, and best support as she has the longest stun. So yes, Gali as it stands needs to be fixed. She doesn’t have a distinct role as she can play any and all. She shouldn’t do more damage than say a Rath but also be able to take more damage than a Boulder while stunning longer than a Miko.

Don’t try and defend it, Gali is a mess.


I’m not defending gal or stating you have to run these combos. I gave just a few examples. Nearly any two characters can work together to counter this set up.

Shane + Anyone: flank and pull miko, burst down. Same for Galt.

Any two ranged: Shield pen -> focus miko

Any cc’er + anyone: snipe out the support while gal is engaging minions or another team mate.

Point is: once you are in a match and see that there is a gal, think about which people on your team can best counter her.

5 man team vs a Gali + Miko + Reyna = GG.
Anyway, They’ve already stated they’re going to look into Gali.

Battleborn as it stands is a balancing mess all around.

Ambra used to be able to face roll an entire team by herself. But now she’s at a comfortable point.

MOBAs have roles.
Assassins, Healers, Support, Tanks, Bruisers, etc.

However, Gali fits into all of those roles. Her kit is a problem. Regardless of the ways to kill her. The fact that there even has to be tips on how to kill Gali is yet another sign she needs fixed.

OP Gali is the flavour at the moment, and when she’s toned down, someone else will be an issue for players but Gearbox can see the data and at the moment Gali win % is higher than anyone by a lot. That’s not a reflection of skill, but a reflection of how you can play blindfolded and still win.

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I’m not in anyway arguing against gal needing to be tuned down. I just sought to provide info on how to kill her right now.

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I took down a Gal by myself with Miko.

Used a spore to slow/stun while my reload speed was for my knives was high, just kept my distance and bam.

Or I was just playing against a bad Gal lol.

And another good combo is Miko+Orendi against a Gal.

^Reason I responded.

its just full hp, best trik as thorne is get your shield pen and also get the +100% range on your E so u can drop it under her to start taking down her shield

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… You cut the exact sentence short. “At least, not as op as people think.”

if they do get the ranged damage its only 63 damage for ranged at full health so its not as strong as a swing attack so getting her down even one health does not get her down to half damage just that single 63 damage.

Saying that a character is broken due to the fact you need a tip to handle them that’s with any character with a moba or a game like this a good player will learn what every character in the game can do and how to counter them that’s just strategy. There’s plenty of tips and how to deal with a lot of the other characters so due to what you said everyone on the game is a broken mess.

Because you can’t see who you’re going against in order to counter pick.

In others games, such as League of Legends. You build your items according to what you’re up against. You have a character with lots of armor, you build armor pen. Lot’s of health, health % dmg.

You don’t have these options available. You just go in blind.

So these tips are based on playing set characters everytime just in case Gali is selected.

Maybe they need a draft mode. So you can see who’s picking who.

I already addressed this.

You should probably take shield pen and cc reduction in general. Lots of characters stun and slow. Lots of people linger with full shields and low health.

Nearly any two people using teamwork can counter gal+miko. I just gave examples.

The point here:realize that gal is vulnerable to shield pen and that the key is to work with your team mates to break up the support tank combo by pushing or killing the support.

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Won’t be an issue come nerf time. End of discussion.

But still I know about what maybe 18 of all the current charcters can due and how to handle them by now after putting in so many hours after learning what people can do and counter them I do way better fighting them now its easy with any game learn how they play cooldowns and stuff like that and shield pen works with everyone unless its miko or thorn who don’t have a shield but still nice to have and most people noobs don’t even play story and have gear or if they use gear its really bad gear I know when I get my shard and start running all 3 legendary gears in pvp I’m going to start out performing people easy. It would be nice to have a draft and see who they are picking to counter pick and what not but I highly doubt the game will come that far and if it does I hope it does it will go badly people still don’t know how to play I run into people my level high 30s and ran into the same problem with the beta. You have high level people who still don’t know what they are doing and how to play a lot of this which people wont admit is based on skill level everyone keeps asking nerfs and nerfs and nerfs since they keep losing and stuff when half the time its skill yeah some characters are really good right now and do better then others but everyone can be dealt with. It comes down to skill I can pretty much wreck any galilea up since iv played her so much when I play one of my other main charcters easy and same when I fight one of the characters I play a lot.

Just wanted to say this is a fantastic post and this is great information. I wish more people would realize that galilea, while definitely being one of the better players in the game, just takes a little extra thought to take down, but it is %100 do-able, especially compared to the start of the beta.


My two cents, I can beat a Galilea consistently with an orendi in a 1v1 and stand a chance against her and a miko in a 1v2.

I build a hyper aggressive build for orendi and when there is a galilea on the other team all I have to do is change one augment from my normal set up and have 60% shied penetration on my shadowfire pillars.

Honestly, Galilea desecrate pull + silence is pretty crazy but you know you can just run out of the field right? Sure you’re going to be silenced for a cool couple seconds but not permanently by any means.

However, if she hits you with her shield it’s kinda GG atm which I think requires the most addressing before anything else. Maybe change the stun to a slow but increase the duration? I think that would even out Galilea quite a bit.

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Thanks! I’m glad it helped you!