How to kill Graveward

I was doing onaither TVHM+Mayhem 3 but cleaning up all quests and keeping all itenms with red text, whether it’s gold or blue or purple and… I got the pipebomb!!!

Then I reached the kill Graveward mission but… the pipebomb didn’t do it… still took like 5 minute! :frowning:
And I also got a Lyuda! A full clip only takes like… 5%? I guess I need an annointed Lyuda! :frowning:

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There are most likely 100’s of videos out on in with the builds and tactics. I would go watch some of those.

Just shooting the gun won’t do it, you have to build around it.

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Yeah but there was lots of patches and nerf… I wondered if it did changes things!

Pipebomb after the nerf isnt the best nade around, lyuda is still an animal with the right builds. For example on my fl4k i have a cryo lyuda and with the right mayhem mods i can kill graveward in 3-4 mags with it despite it not being a good element to use against him.

When it comes to speed killing bosses its important to have the right build for the job, my fl4k is garbage for mobbing but he will shred bosses, where as my amara is a beast against mobs but only okay against bosses.

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Amara player here… don’;t think I got best crit build…
I should try the Forsaken gun and the uh… slow SMG with lots of elemental damage combo…
but I keep missing Graveward with the slow SMG, because he moves… :confused:

I personally like this part of the game. its like theorycrafting a deck in a card game. Except this time you playing against exactly what you build to counter.
The Lyuda strong point is landing multiple crits due to the bullet splitting up. so the crit spots in his chest and arms (after he attacks) really do a lot.

Since you playing Amara getting anointment really changes the game for her. I would recommend the cutsman, and getting close to the edge after you stop sliding. other things also work with the unforgiven crit swap, like the scourge or red line.

Red line you need to shoot in his crit while keeping 1 in your magazine so the stickies don’t start exploding right away and then swap.

I have even seen Epicenter with unforgiven kill grave warden kill in a minute and half. landing the grenade in his giant crit spots in his chest and arms. A little tricky landing it in his chest.

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I didn’t know that part… will have to experiment! :open_mouth:

its a little hard to time, but it gives you more time to swap to unforgiven.

I’ve also found out that when you damage GW enough for him to put his head down, if you stand right on the edge the crit spot on his right hand (if you face him) opens up and takes way more damage than his other crits spots.

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Oh really?
I was always going for the head, might try that! ^^

Get all your buff up then shoot at the circle on his chest.

This is the build & how I kill Graveward in one clip.


Yeah, it’s just a nifty trick. When you learn to/can kill GW faster and more efficiently I’d just stick to his head.

Ho… thanks for that video! :slight_smile:
I am missing this piece though :confused:

Which gives like x4 x3 = x12 damage! :frowning:
Nor is my Facepuncher annointed…

But I got the White Elephant and the Forsaken, And I was not using the combo! :open_mouth:
I guess more tests coming up! :smiley:
Thanks man! :slight_smile:


If you car on PC, I can pass you a brawder ward. I have a spare. Just pm me with your username.

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They severely nerfed the Pipebomb and Lyuda. That’s why you’re struggling.

Youtube farming videos are now only viable for a few days before they get nerfed. Welcome to BL3.

if your on M3 lev, watch the detractors carefully, they can make the difference between a 8 min fight and a 2 min fight, or death

an extra 30 or 40% health modifier on grave on M3 is a ■■■■ load of health to burn through

I am usually not looking at the start because I want to avoid “fishing” …

Also, yeah, I did look a few times to see if should change weapon or such… but my best build right now leave me little choice, I only have 1 Brainstormer! :wink:

can I ask what class are you playing mate ?

I would be checking that the M3 modifiers a favourable every time.
no minus 30% gun damage, or elemental damage
no + 30% health as he has no shields,

the adds get all of the buffs as well so it can really fk your battle up, and graves is one of those bosses that unless your an op class with op gear can be a major ball ache, no shame in setting the scene in your favour on M3 its tough enough already

Currently with the Brainstormer - Phazerker - Electric Banjo - build for my usual farming, with a spare MOAR Linoge for tough individual

But thanks and shootout to Kiadaw he just gave me a spare Brawler Ward to complete my wanna be boss farming alt melee build. Plus his concise video show me a few things I didn’t know rapidly! :slight_smile: