How to kill raid bosses solo

I need advice from the comunity on how to deal with them using only myself, one player. Specially with Hyperius the Unreasonable and Vermivorous the Unspawnable (in Caustic Caverns).

Hyperius will always have the same health/strength/power right? no matter the player count?

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first off, who are you using?

I use all 6, but recently I’m using Axton and Krieg

hype and master gee always have the same stats no matter how many players fight them, its always set to 4 player, i cant help you much with axton or krieg as ive never really used either one, ive also never had vermi grace my presence, tried a lot to no avail, however, with hype, the key is to deal enough damage to the 4 loaders that he spawns to transfer his shield, you need to do it quickly so that you have a decent amount of time to deal damage to hype himself, eventually, if you havent dealt enough damage to hype, the bots will get the shields back and you have to remove them once again to deal damage

edit… as far as using zero goes against hype, there are a ton of videos out there showing how bore is used to kill hype, with Sal, my preference for raid bosses actually runs towards the pimp/nukem build

Check out the time trials thread. Each character is different and there aren’t many universal tactics for them.


Sal is arguably the most capable of soloing any of the raid bosses though, right?

Nah, not really. It depends more on player skill than the actual character. Sure Sal can Pimp/nuke everything, but Axton can tear through Hyp’s health with a Tediore chuck build that doesn’t require specific weaponry.

the pimp/nuke build for sal is brutally easy to get, the level of the pimp you have really doesnt matter and getting a nuke isnt all that hard, its very good for doing most of the raids, harder to pull off doing the basic game itself using a pimp/nukem build without using moxxi’s creamer

I just did Vora with Gaige- but 400 stacks of Anarchy and a Redundant Shock Fibber help a lot as well… :grinning:

Hi, people!
Can someone answer me if the raid bosses in Vault Hunter Mode are harder to beat than if we face them on Normal mode?
Sry for the question, I’m kinda new to Borderlands.

Terramorphous will always be level 52-ish whether you play in NVHM or TVHM. So, he’s definetly easier in TVHM! :smiley: The other raids (as far as I know) are scaled to around 32 in Normal mode. In UVHM, they’re all scaled to your level. I’ve only done the other raids once in Normal, so I can’t really say much about it, but IIRC they were quite easy in Normal compared to TVHM.

When you’re at level 50, the enemies are a bit tougher in general while you have more skill points to spend. Which in turn makes your char more powerful. With the proper gear and build, you shouldn’t have too much trouble with any of them.

I thought raid bosses can only be fought in TVHM… unless I forgot something.

They can be fought in all modes, but Terra will never be below 50, so he’s pretty much impossible in NVHM.

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Yeah that’s what I mean

I think the character specific forums will help you out more as each characters strategy against raid bosses is different. I would search around there and see what you could find.

Hyperius was easy at op0. Not so much at op6 though i sometimes succeed. Pete is always easy if you nade jump up to first ledge. I havent done terra op at all.

Just to clarify… The other raids will be around level 32-34 if you fight them in Normal. It’s only Terra that’s 52.

Thanks for the information, people! :smiley:

Which ones?!