How to kill UVHM Bosun

Seriously I really really can’t kill him, any solution please???

EDIT: Okay I overestimated the power of Cryo weapon on him. Got a shock bullpup and he died pretty fast

just gotta keep in mind that weaknesses and resistances are both amped up in UVHM. That’s why everyone is having more trouble with shielded bosses than usual when using her. Shock bullpup is great bc you can keep it on level and it’s accurate enough to take advantage of her critical talents. Vibrapulse is also great for heals. Glad you got through!

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electric droog and try to hit his crit spot.

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Yea. Bullpups in general are amazing.

I think the shield regenerators don’t respawn if you die. So if someone was having trouble I’d suggest going after each of those and nothing else until you have you vs bosun and then fight him, with some shock element gun. Then freeze if you like after his shield is gone.

In my first try I actually did killed all the shield-generators. But the problem is I did not know that damage resistance is being raised in UVHM so much that Cryo does not work wonders on boss’s shield anymore. And Bosun kill me very quickly with the missiles.

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I killed him without too much trouble but that was using top gear. Just keep moving and slowly grind him down. focus on keeping health up with frigid touch/magic bullet/transfusion grenades.