How to kleese O/

hi I have started to use Kleese in meltdown for the most part am enjoying it. I was hoping for some suggestions for my buiild maybe and gear.
for gear i am using
free shard generator +1.78

elite shield +138 shield /+5.38 skill damage

Elite stinger Attack damage +9.10 /+5.04 attack speed (does attack damage buff effect taser?)
my helixs i usually choose

You may want to consider skill damage. It increases shield rift healing

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personally for helix i’d go right at level 2 so you can decimate minion waves even more quickly(as well as any enemy battleborn that catch the mortars)

and I take the extra battery at level 5 ONLY if there’s another healer(38 hp/s may not be much but it’s better than nothing)

for level 6 it depends on if enemies are focusing your rifts. if they’re not focusing them go for the fourth rift because it REALLY adds some more power to your tankiness/destroying anything that wanders in

at level 7 I’ve fallen in love with bouncy mortars

at level 9 I actually normally take the pulse time upgrade as well if my rifts aren’t being hard focused.

for gear I’ve tried a few loadouts but i’m still testing some of the legendaries to see how well they work, and I often mix and match the options and they work well all around for me.

kleese’s lore legendary is absolutely gorgeous because it turns 10% of shields restored to allies into health for you, if you get a full rift network up(4 rifts) it will take

plasmite transducer is amazing because it turns 5%(at max roll) of damage you take into shards)

the Lorrian skill spike is an item that gives skills a 7% chance to deal 50% bonus damage. this means each individual tick can deal up to 50% bonus damage)

and the final one is chrono key(personally kleese doesn’t really NEED it but I love turning damage into cooldown time)

and if you have voxis core it makes all your skill deal 15% of the damage to enemies near the one who got hit by the skill.

if you don’t like legendaries then I would say shield strength and skill damage should be your priority over anything else.

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Yep. Although I also highly reccomend some regen. (I haven’t really played him since buff but when he had low health it was amazing as your health was rarely touched and you had no real way to heal. I would say all you need is his legendary but Ride of the Battle throne makes it impossible to get for some (quite literally)

true, if you can’t get his legendary then regen would be wonderful

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does shield restored to himself heal himself from his legendary?
ill try some combos, i didnt know skill damage made his rifts heal more @epicender584 i have a skill damage gear that also gives +200 hp maybe this will be good for him.
i always tried to stay away from the lv 2 right helix because i thought itd make him more vulnerable but if your staying near rifts right?

It used to be really risky and not worth it really in PVP. Now it’s not a risk

it heals you from shields restored to yourself, I sat tanking a sentry in a private bot match with my healing restoring health as fast as it went down(or faster since it kept popping to full)

kleese has plenty of base health imo now, so focus more on restoring it than increasing it. and if you’re setting even a single rift by you it removes a lot of the risk. and if you’re firing it from a rift network further back the only thing’s that’ll threaten you are aoe’s for the most part

i see then his legendary seems like something ill definitely use. :acmaffirmative:

I’ve done some other experimenting so you can feel free to message me and i’ll tell you some tactics/mechanics i’d rather not have spread around

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Will do, am going to do some quick testing now and leveling while its triple exp :slight_smile: