How to know when there will be a stress test?

Hello, i can’t find how to know when there will be a stress test ?
I want to be in-game during stress test to try the character i can’t buy.
Thanks you.

The stress test was saturday 31th october, we doesn’t know if there is an other one.

Thanks you for your reponse.
I know the last Stress test was 31th October, I saw it on internet but I can’t find where they tell us when the stress tests happens .
I hope they will give us a date.

there is most likely going to be another stress test due to the fact a lot of people weren’t able to get on then (me included) but the time is not yet set. if there is going to be another one it will be shown in the bottom right of the game menu in the lobby, on their twitter (battle born and probably 2k), in the forums here, though i would have a hard time seeing it in here, and also most likely in an email again.

If i had to guess i would say that it will be at a weekend again because thats when most people have free time and also the last one was saturdays…lets hope!

oh no lol I’m travelling that day :stuck_out_tongue: i really hope i don’t miss it again, if it indeed will happen

Thanks you All.

Sorry i didnt understand all that question.the day of last stress test i received an email to be informed the same day.And there was a message at the screen when start the game.but for the moment we don’t have a communication on potentialy futures stress test.i beg your pardon if my english whose musn’t be perfect.

Thanks you, your english is like mine, it is ok :smile:
I’m wayting a stress test, I want a new character, I can’t wayt anymore :blush:
Frog = French ?
Tu es Français comme moi ?
Are you French like me ?


francais comme du coup pour le stress test prochain le 7 donc ce samedi a compter de 21h et tout les persos seront debloquer donc on naura meme pas besoin de les acheter

Correction, le stress test sera entre 22h et 00h :slight_smile:
Pas 21h.

Suisse dans la place :smiley:

excusez moi 22h😀

Merci à vous !
Stress Test Samedi 7 Novembre

Thanks you all !
Stress test Saturday, November 7th

Idk about the rest of you but I missed the last stress test and I will miss the upcoming stress test due to work, unless you work a 9-5 getting online during that short window is rather difficult. I personally work from 7a-7p cst and find it I bit crappy that I’m going to miss out again due to it… am I the only one with this issue or is it more common then I think it is?