How to make a God-Liath! *Video*

Check out my video on how to make a god-liath
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Thanks for sharing this! I went ahead and moved to the gameplay section for ya. :wink:


This is still the all-time funniest thing to do. Pop the helmets off two goliaths, grab some popcorn, and watch them beat the crap out of each other.

I did that the other day. They simply killed one another very quickly…

Let them get some levels first. Frostburn Canyon or or Thousand Cuts are the best places to get an extended fight.

Wasn’t possible. They decided to duke it out straight away to see who was the most badass Goliath, and it was literally a dead heat. It was a bit like watching a boxing skit where both fighters swing at the same time and promptly fall down… That’s ok though - I just needed the God-liath achievement on XB1 (got it years ago on 360). The next batch was a bit more co-operative, and I managed to get it.

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Gotta see this later, but lemme say that I typically go Killer Rabbit – charge it, lop it’s helmet off, then lots of running away. Works like a charm…unless they get inexplicably territorial, which happens every once in a while. When that happens, they’re almost tied to a post, as I’ve detailed. If you’ve seen the T&J cartoons where Spike is goaded into chasing Tom but only limited by his leash, yep.