How to make a new playable Faction

How to add a new faction to HomeworldRM by just copying the Kus faction and renaming it

You will need to edit the race.lua in the scripts folder. You’ll also have to add your race to scripts\buildandresearch. Then there’s the ai folder to look into if you want AI to know what to do with your new race.

Did I forget something?

Don’t think you missed anything, well ill have a play and see how i go getting a new faction in :smiley:

Ok i got a clone of the Kus Faction to show in game but not playable cus as soon as you spawn in game it goes to the game over screen…but thats ok because it was only the clone that does that!

Also look what i found in the Build Script for Kus


Ok i have it working :smiley:

now i have to change all the Ship Models and texture them and give them a name change and on and on and on it goes

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Good luck with your mod!

Thanks Dude :smiley:
atm Im working on getting a Mothership into the game and hopefully change all the Prefixes(from _KUS to other) so that i have a totally new Faction that was all made by me :smile:

ok i have got to a point where i cannot be bothered to do any more…not right now

Its just way to hard
i got every thing working except for 1 or 2 things and then when i fixed them it just backfired and made me go all the way back to the start

What are you talking about?

Its ok!
iv got it working 100%

Keep a look out for a mod called Omega on Steam

You may want to hold off - your Mod will break, 100%, when the next patch hits. All of the stuff you’ve been doing is completely different. Adding a new Race/Faction is MUCH easier (well, self-contained) - but it is completely rebuilt. I can’t comment on ‘when’ this will be a public change, but sooner than later.

Oh yeah, that’s the other thing, we’re modding a live game. Keep that in mind and don’t fine tune stats to perfection, don’t make research files too deep just yet, focus on making models. No matter what else might change (races are a surprise), your ship meshes and textures will stay exactly as you’ll make them. (HODs will change too, but that’s just a reexport…)

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so i can do a custom race but i have to keep my eyes out for the update and fix the mod when that happens


Yay that’s awesome!!!

well atm im just making models so i dont have to worry

I have my first ship in the build list that will build and spawn via Hyperspace-gate (cant get docking and un-docking to work)…my faction is now just for testing until the update!

The ship has a docking family that isn’t listed in the ship that builds it.

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ah yep i know what your talking about

I now have Docking and Building of ships working and also collection or Ru is a go :smiley:

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Once i can make textures work better ill upload this to Steam as The OMEGA Fleet