How to Make 'Battleborn' emblem for 'For Honor'

I’m new at this forum and Non-english user but anyway. I made an Battleborn logo emblem for ‘For honor’. and I want to show How to make this emblem.

[details=here is step to make battleborn emblem with Pile of images.]I’m on knight faction, it will need some changes if you are on other factions. Try any colors what you like!







I’m going to use the ■■■■ out of this.

Lol I did something like that when I was playing the For Honor BETA

Idk man, I’ve read
"We actively monitor in-game activity and reserve the right to sanction any account that demonstrably breached the Code of Conduct.

Some examples of breaches are:

  • Cheating (hacking, exploits, bots…)
  • Misconduct (scamming, account trading, false reports…)
  • Harassment
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    - Offensive user generated content (emblems)
  • Inappropriate usernames
  • Advertising"
    And Bb emblem way too much resembles flipping someone off, so…