How to make end game way more addictive and enjoyable for longer periods of time in Borderlands 3!

So after over 15 days of playtime in this game i think its safe to say the endgame could use a little work in keeping players engaged, and giving them reasons to return to areas from throughout the game aside from just farming a few bosses that are good to farm and calling it a day. After a players build is set and they have all the top tier annointed gear needed to play later mayhem levels there is little reason to return to the game, whether it be daily, or weekly, let alone return to random planets like Athena’s and all the great locations on Pandora, Eden 6, and Promethea ect. My BIGGEST SUGGESTION to remedy this would be to introduce an “Adventure Mode” likened to that of the “Diablo 3 : Reaper of Souls” expansion. I realize this would require alot of dev side work but i think its very possibe, for those that have never played “Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls” let me explain why this pertains to borderrlands 3.

So Diablo 3 is a VERY similar game to Borderlands 3 at its base, its a heavily loot driven action rpg. When diablo 3 first came out it was very bare with little to do,(similar to bl3 currently) with this the player base complained and what blizzard did to fix it was actually amazing and it made the game infinately replayable and it still has a large player base today because of it. They came out with an expansion called “reaper of souls” and with this expansion they added a few key things that made the game what it is today. The first is “Adventure Mode” what this did was add “Bounties” which were short task-based quests that take place all over the diablo open world. These exploration/mini boss hunt quests would reward Blood Shards and “Rift Keystone Fragments,” also a “chest” with loot specific to the area the bounties were done in was awarded to players when they completed all five bounties in a given area.

This brings me to the second addition that came in this expansion - “Nephalem Rifts” which were randomly generated dungeons that were packed with powerful mobs and challenging events. Nephalem Rifts are meant to be completed quickly, and the mini-bosses at the end dropped tons of good loot. A player could only access these rifts by completing the 5 bounties in an area and earning the right amount of the aforementioned “Rift Keystone Fragments.” These rifts would scale higher and higher and get more and more difficult the more you completed them, but the higher you went the more loot you would get and with better stat rolls too!! And with things like leaderboards for each level of rift it became competitive over time as well!

This created an addictive, yet satisfying and endless gameplay loop of getting 5 bounties for an area, completing those bounties as fast as possible (alone or in a group) and then turning them in awarding you with a sweet loot cache, and the currency needed to unlock a randomized “dungeon” to run through with EVEN BETTER rewards after defeating the final boss at the end of the dungeon. The rifts would keep going up in level and would become more difficult as time went on offering a good challenge and even better rewards for those who grinded them out further. On top of all this it encouraged players to return to ALL of the old areas in the game to complete different bounties because each area would award different loot drops from the cache that you got from completing the bounties making the bounties a fun part of the gameplay loop as well, not just the rifts!

I’m not saying rip off “Adventure Mode” to a tee, i’m just saying an addition similar to this in Borderlands 3 would only expand on the experience that all the hardcore players know and love which is essentially [ log on - do runs - get paid - log out ] which for me is why i love Borderlands 3 and want it to succeed, it has the framework for something amazing, i just wanna see that happen!!

If a dev is reading this i highly recommend looking at the reaper of souls expansion and what it did for diablo 3’s lifespan, also just know i wouldn’t have taken the time to make this if i didn’t care about bl3 greatly and if i didn’t think this was an alright idea :slight_smile:

Sorry for the long read, feel free to leave suggestions and stuff if you feel and if you made it this far your a champ and thx for reading!!


It wasn’t that addictive. It ultimately was very unsatisfying. But it was better than the season garbage they added.

i see a trend in this :joy:

hype a game based on the previous titles and then release a beta test… then patch in things you think work and make the game semi unplayable due to bugs…

then when the game has lost all its appeal, fix game…

by the time D3 was somewhat good i lost all intrest (and like this game it actualy made me want to play “2” again hahaha)

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You had me at adventure mode. Diablo 3 has so many great and needed things for loot games. Yes.

And while the kill quests in Borderlands 3 are neat, they aren’t as consistently available (or rewarding) as diablo 3 bounties.

And the trials and slaughter shafts in Borderlands 3 are sort of comparable to the diablo 3 … time based "portal runs’ (forgot the name of those). Not too badly done there.

Anyhow. Yes, we need a real diablo 3 style bounty system and it should apply to any named enemy and any boss.

Plus, adventure mode’s biggest benefit is that once it’s unlocked at endgame, you can run a new character without worrying about the campaign missions, cutscenes, or dialog. Then you’re just leveling up for fun while killing bounties or whatever you want to do. Sandbox style.

Borderlands 3 is already structured to do any mission at any level (via multiplayer relative scaling). They might as well fully embrace it and add adventure mode.

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Season stuff and adventure mode were actually really fun. It opened up the game to whole new ways of playing. Freeform. Do whatever you want. Gearbox really should do it. I don’t know of any other FPS looter shooter that has.

Closest might be warframe, but that game took things a little too far in my opinion (it’s too obscure and mysterious for new players, I think. And I also think they are only doing as well as they are because it’s free).

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Well this game does have alot of builds that are possible to make so that keeps a few of us engaged.

true, but aside from just making different builds an addition like this would definately increase the replayability and would encourage people to do more than just create new builds, and also encourage them to revisit areas that are basically unused after you beat the campaign and find a few good farm spots.


ah yes very true!! i forgot to mention that creating new characters and builds was way more fun in adventure mode as well!

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At the end of the day it’s our priorities that stop us from just running around the open world, there is no real reason to after all. I don’t think a game so new actually needs activities that force players into going back to old areas. If they haven’t expanded on dungeons or activities after a year though most people will automatically be leaving after they complete expansions.

I agree that if activities and dungeons aren’t expanded upon eventually then people will leave,(trials isnt even worth it at the moment) and yea youre right the game is still new so has some time to develop, but i do have to say that something like this wouldn’t force players to do anything. It would just give them the option to play the game in adventure mode, instead of just normal and tvhm. But hey who knows, maybe after all the dlc’s and stuff are out the game will be great in its own way, but if not then they are definately gonna need some game changing mechanics like this to keep people around

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I guess force was the wrong term to use, destiny 2 still has me in shellshock.
As far as trials though, they did introduce a few reasons to farm them and they only take 10 minutes or so each.

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yea your’e right forgot about r4kk pack com and other certain weapons and stuff, although they sold trials and slaughters as the “end game” of bl3 and to me they just arent rewarding enough in the slightest for them to be deamed as end game worthy (especially trials) so theyre just meh at this point. and sad to say but they could even learn a few things from destiny as well, its managed to stay solid for years now! although its in year 3 now and bl3 just came out, hopefully bl3 can manage to hold a community that long

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Yeah but the destiny fan base is scary.

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For what it’s worth, I have also been hunting down some of the BL3 achievements, which is fun and involves exploring a lot of nooks and crannies of the maps.

But, playing an adventure mode would still be better.

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yea id be getting all the achievements as well if epic games store wasnt trash on pc. no achievements :frowning: