How to make Gaige fast?

Anybody know or have an item or weapon that could make Gaige move faster. She is my favorite to play with but damn she is slow.

I think it one of her skills makes her move faster. Oh the skill name is unstoppable force. 7% per skill and kill = movement speed for total of 35%.

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Thank you! I just wanted to be able to move faster at will for farming faster. Ig this is the only way for her :confused:

What level are you playing at? There are some good builds over in the Gaige section (search :mag: :arrow_upper_right: for the Master Build List Collection). Anything listed as level 72/OP would be a good one to check.

@gerardozapata199 to move faster? Yes

I’m lvl 80 and I guess a legendary class mod could help me boost speed but I have not gotten one and it does not have a designated loot pool

If you mean the Legendary Anarchist it’s a Tubby drop, so you can try running the usual places (Spiderant gully in The Dust etc) or maybe try the trade threads. Not too sure how active those are right now, but you never know.

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Thank you!

u can keep spamming double shot rocket jump , u can get good speed if u do it correctly even u dont have movement speed bonus

Level 80? Any OP levels?

I have no op levels, I didn’t see the point on them :confused:

Okay well that’s okay so just ask around if any has that class mod.