How to make it work: Peacemonger

In what may or may not turn into a series for any given red-texted thing in the game, I would like to chat about red-texted gear. This is not meant to be, ‘is this gear good at its job’. Specifically, if a response is anything along the lines of, “gun can’t kill anything and is a waste of time”, or “that shield is too weak”, that’s off topic. It’s meant to answer the following questions at least:

  • What unique effect(s) does this gear have?
  • What techniques would I use to take advantage of it/them?
  • What parts/accessories are worth looking for to maximize the gear’s potential?
  • What skills/COMs/anointments/shield stats/etcetera pair well with this weapon?

For starters, the Peacemaker is on deck:

It’s an Alas pistol, but doesn’t do the normal tracking thing with an alt fire mode: it fires a shot that breaks into four smaller bits. Without a target dummy, it’s tricky to tell how the damage works, but I imagine that (like the Creamer from BL2) if you catch a target at the sweet spot right where the shot breaks into four smaller ones, the target will eat four times the damage. Too close, and the target only eats the main shot; too far, and the sub shots go wide and whiff altogether.

Too close (only one damage point):

Too far (all the sub shots whiffed):

Just right:

Are unlisted pellets still a thing? (As in, if I pair this with an Amp shield, do I get four times the Amp damage, or the Amp damage divided by four)? I’m taking it out for a real spin here now.

edit - omg they do track the target! I’m not sure if it’s automatic to whatever the detonation was nearest and/or if you need to keep the target in your sights, but the smaller shots will (after a moment) home back in on the target.


Sounds interesting. How does one acquire this weapon?

I got it on a side mission that I picked up with Rhys, “Ratch’d Up”.

Nice, I’ll definitely get it when I can.

So this gun will shoot a bullet that then splits into 4 bullets that then track a target? It could work well with Zane’s Playing Dirty skill that when activated will make this gun shoot two bullets that then split into 8. Sounds like a lot of fun.

Yeah, I’m not sure how to get the tracking to work 100% - I think you need to keep the target under the crosshairs (zoomed or no).

The first single shot tracks or only the bullets after the split?

Only the bullets after the split (so a good idea to aim high, so the ones that aim low don’t hit something prematurely).

I support this endeavor. Since it has splash damage, I assume this could be a fun weapon for Moze.

I finally got to trying this gun, but the honing projectiles seem to just target random nearby enemies instead of a single one which is a bit frustrating. But I was playing co-op on mayhem 3 with a -50% pistol damage modifier and was doing decent against badass ratch. With Playing Dirty, I could shoot 24 targeting projectiles in a single magazine which was fun to see.

Are you sure you can aim the bullets? I couldn’t test it for long, but it seemed like it targeted any enemy, even if there were closer ones. Maybe against solo enemies this gun would perform better.

What skill is this (whose is it, and what does it do?)

Nope! The main projectile is easy enough to aim (short-ish range, and the ‘sweet’ spot is where the four sub projectiles come out but before they have a chance to scatter and fail/succeed in acquiring a target, but dialing in how to get their homing behavior to work properly should be easier.

I didn’t have a lot of time to test, but I was shooting above enemies I wanted to hit so the projectiles would target the closest one but that didn’t seem to work. I guess I’ll try to learn that sweet spot and see how that turns out.

Playing Dirty is one of Zane’s skills that at 5/5 will have a 50% chance to activate after a kill, adding an extra projectile to the next five shots. It essentially doubles this gun’s number of projectiles. Skill is great for powerful low projectile count weapons, terrible with fast or high projectile count weapons.

Ok, finally got one at level 50 and took it out for some proper mobbing:

  • Those little things can crit, but as you can’t aim them yourself, it’s the luck of the draw.
  • Aiming a little upwards so when the main pellet splits, the ‘downward’ one doesn’t eat it in the ground immediately is needed. This shot is about right.
  • It’s got a very specific range. Too close, and they’ll just eat the one main shot. Too far, and the homing shots can’t find a target.
  • The splash can damage you, so watch yourself firing around corners. The range seems like about two feet in game distance.