How to make mules

Just looking for any threads that explain how to create mules. Looking for all information on how to do it simply, do you need 2 controllers etc, does it work on Xbox one etc

Any help will be much appreciated

Mods feel free to delete this thread once I’ve been pointed to a thread on “Mules”
Thanks guys

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on PS4 you need to have a second account. load your main account and add splitscreen (second controller preferred). trade at least 3-4 million to your storage, buy all backpack upgrades that’s 40 items (do not use the bank, it doesn’t save it when you are not the host). then go to respec and rename it based on what your naming conventions be. mine will be L50 Pistol, L50 SMG, etc. etc. drop and pick up.

Mmmm sounds kinda complicated for an old fart like me…I wonder are there any videos on YouTube to show clearly how to do this?
Also I don’t have a second controller so I’m kinda screwed ain’t I lol

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Super easy on xbox. Just make a guest profile. Sign in with it. Start new character. Get to Sanctuary. Any time you want to access loot just go split screen with characters.


a little time investment is needed. but it will help you in the long run not opening every mule to see which gears you need.

some are much more complicated, like maintaining an excel file on which characters store what. etc.

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Do you need 2 controllers to use splitscreen?

Dude don’t listen to them. I’m assuming you are on an Xbox or PS4.

On PC is super easy but you’ll need to Google it. (Got a slap on the wrist for giving exact details) here is a hint, It involves copy and pasting.

Here is what you do on consoles:

  1. Just create another character.
  2. Get it to sanctuary.
  3. On your main send every high level gun you find to the bank.
  4. On your mule empty the bank and sell the guns to buy back pack SDUs.
  5. Repeat steps 3 & 4 until your backpack storage is maxed.

Note your mule can hold 40 items plus 2 guns, a shield, and grenade mod (I think). Then repeat the above steps. For every mule you want.

Because the shared bank is 50 units it’s easy to have your mules pull out everything they need in one go.

In prior games you had no stash or it was limited to 4 items, making the multiple accounts the most efficient way of doing things.

FYI, flak looks like an old trapper / shopping cart homeless so he obviously makes the best mule.

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I do exactly this except I only get 34 backpack spaces for each mule. That plus the 10 spaces on the wall gives me 44 slots which is basically the bank.

I created 2 mules so far and will prbably create a third tomorrow. I’m completely avoiding the bank right now until the bank glitch is fixed. The only thing i have in the bank is a bunch of trash level 50 green guns that I got by using the gun-gun. Keeping those so that future mules have a quick source of $$

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On Xbox there are two ways you can do it.

  1. Create a new character. Play until you get to Sanctuary. Dump all your money into backpack SDU’s, maybe have a friend come in at level 50 and drop a bunch of blue/purple gear they don’t need to boost your money so you can get all the SDU’s. Then go to your main character, store whatever in the vault you want the mule to have, switch characters, and have them stash it all in their backpack.

  2. Create a second account, get to Sanctuary and do all the SDU/money stuff as above. Then split screen with your main account and dump everything you want them to carry. On Xbox creating a new account just requires a new email, which you can easily make on Google (or whatever email service you wish). I created an alt account for another game back in March (basically a smurf account to play with friends on this game that don’t play a lot) and it was very easy to set up. As long as you play from the home Xbox of your main account you can play online, use online features, and access all your games. EDIT: Yes you will need 2 controllers to do this, but if you have a smart phone you can download the Xbox App and use your phone as a second controller (it will be difficult to do stuff but for your purposes it’s functional).

#1 is easiest, but #2 will let you store more stuff on the mule.


You can do it the hard way, but it’s easier to understand.
Create a new character.
Go through the story as normal, until you reach Sanctuary (on average, takes 60-70 minutes).
Make sure your lost loot is full of loot from your highest level character.
Use your mule and unload your lost loot.
Sell that loot and buy SDUs. Since the loot will be high level, you’ll likely get somewhere between $100,000 - $300,000.
If you want to get ALL the backpack SDU, farm again on your high level character and switch back to the mule.

Also minor tip but you should probably name the mules something like: mule1, mule2, etc so that you can easily tell which character is a mule and which character is a legit character you’re using

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In BL2 I had 10 mules that I numbered. Ended up that I need to create a spreadsheet to track everything.

You could also keep specific items on each mule, name them GUNS, RELICS, SHIELDS, etc.

However from my experience with loot drops in TVHM/M3, the only items actually worth keeping are class mods and relics, maybe a few super rare weapons or shields. Everything else you can chuck if it’s not something you will use. Or mail it to a friend (probably a better idea).

So far what I’ve read so uses the bank, splitscreen, and then a lot of extra running once you’ve made it to Sanctuary… To avoid that :

  1. Make a second account of your console AND become friends
  2. Get character(s) to Sanctuary and put them at the vending machine
  3. Send mail via the social feature to your new friends the mule, as to what you want it to sell (in order to buy backpack sdu’s)
  4. Max out backpack with more mail

The whole problem is the bank so why folks are recommending you use it to get stuff to the mule I don’t understand… And you don’t have to go spend irl money on a second controller this way either. Why spend real money to workaround a problem in a game you already spent money on?

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Because the bank glitch doesn’t happen 100% of the time. You’re probably pretty safe to use the bank to transfer level 50 green/blue/purple guns you don’t care about to your mule so that the mule can then sell them + get backpack sdus.

Even if the glitch wiped out all those guns… who cares? They were going to be sold in the first place, just use the gungun to regenerate them and try again

Still have to run to the bank and back until the sdu’s are maxed out…

Also it helps alleviate inventory strain during CoS when I can just mail guns to a mule to sell instead of going to Sanctuary and depositing them. Gungun is effective if you’re not actually playing the game - I’m providing more efficient means you don’t have to just it if you don’t like it

either method works, but second account is best and fastest for me.

Easier method on pc. Just make a copy of your save file, rename it, enter game, select character. Done.

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Google translate butchered your post to come up with:

Which seems like the thread I’ve moved you into might be helpful. If you’re also looking for a partner to make levelling extra storage characters easier, I believe this is the section you’re looking for:

That means something in Australia that I’d get banned for explaining so I find that translation very funny :joy: