How to make Zane not totally worthless for mobbing

Remove the cryo damage immunity from the damn annointed. It’s already bad that they are massive bullet sponges even to the element that’s supposed to harm them, incendiary.

But it feels like total ass to play the lowest DPS (by far), most buggy vault hunter when your entire hunter gimmick is made worthless by the most obnoxious and overtuned mobs in the game (they even eclipse boss encounters in groups in terms of time to clear and threat).

It would also be lovely if you limited the weapon type penalties, because with how ridiculously scarce bullet pick ups are with the HP sponge annointed, it seems pretty dumb to me to limit you to using only 2 weapon types on Mayhem 3 or suffer a 50% damage penalty.

I for one am tired of being married to a “Call” weapon for ammo refund in order to not be out of bullets on the third room of a map.

How to finish making Zane.

Fix the half of his skills that don’t function like they read and fix the other half of his skills that don’t function period.

Repeat process with Amara.

I do have to say though all these peeps whinging about Fl3k taking 6 seconds instead of 3 to burn a bosses health down should really take a step back and look at Zane in appreciation.

But! I have faith that all will be well within a couple of months.

while i dont use the cryo skills for zane, using a grenadier build with an area of effect grenade makes mobbing enjoyable. wait for the grenades to start flying then start picking off those baddies.