How to make Zane viable for endgame M10/M11 without Purple Tree skills?

Any ideas on how to build for Zane for someone still on the fence regarding Season Pass 2? I had all characters on TVHM/L65/M10 before the Arms Race DLC and could still play with Zane without being too frustrated, but with the DLC5 “fixes” it’s not fun anymore. Trying out popular builds before the fixes yielded somewhat “fun” gameplay, but now playing with Zane is just tedious. I run out of ammo easily in encounters and I feel like I’m using non-Mayhem weapons in M10/M11 with the damage old builds put out. I tried playing him after finishing TVHM/M10 (I still play M10 for the XP/GR gains) on Amara after finishing Moze and Fl4k, but I’m really considering shelving him for the moment.

Before you tell me “go buy SP2”, I want to know if there are still options for people like me who are waiting for DLC6 details or for a sale to pop up. Can’t believe all the SNTNL cryo weapons I hoarded from farming with other toons are just so weak, considering they were top-tier before DLC5. I can still solo all content and even True Takedowns with Amara/Fl4k/Moze builds that were tweaked for changes post-DLC5 release without SP2, but with Zane everything’s just MEH now.

I’m eventually going to buy SP2 if I think the content is worth it, but for now - is there any way to still enjoy playing Zane with SP1 skills and content? He’s the only one I can’t finish the game with in TVHM/M10-M11, and that is truly disappointing.

Hexxusz0r will have some ideas. I’m doing alright at M8 with my CCC / Hellwalker build (Barrier / Drone, not even using Clone), and with different weapons it can probably do M10 easily. I just like the Hellwalker too much.

i really have no idea how this is a question since zane has been destroying m11(m10) without purple tree for half a year already

i will give you few tips however

  1. Use class mod seein dead
  2. Use double barrel (red tree capstone) as your action skill
  3. Use anoints that go with your setup usual go to was sntnl cryo which does not work after switching to other weapon (currently broken) or Urad setup if you are using barrier (you should be but sntnl/clone is doable aswell) other than that you an also use consecutive hits anoint or 300/90 depending on agun.
  4. Give your clone a gun from top gear for clone thread. as known as light show :smiley: but yea many guns wreck on clone like at least 30-40 guns you can use
  5. Have actual idea of your game play loop. While with purple tree zane becomes ASS ASE monster, without it he can use mostly less damaging options like barrier crit or 200% ASS

in the end it does not matter how much i tell you because it is actually possible to do true maliwan takedown with CCC conductor setup. so unless you actually learn your character do advices really matter? is not figuring it out the best part of the game? some people will suggest u cheesy facepuncher setups. But if you actually like using guns right now in my humble opinion urad is DOME/Clone is the best setup for non purple tree for any% content. So i am not quite sure what you really want from this topic. an exact build an exact loadout?

it is definitely possible to play m11 endgame with either executor or conductor class mods seein dead just makes it even easier.

you can check what is possible OFF meta for example here with kbk. it is hard to explain how simple it is the only factor in bl games is gear not skill. as long as you can apply anointed damage through strong guns you will be melting.

for example if you choose a CCC Urad setup that is 100% shock dmg and 150% rad dmg already and all you have to do is figure out what kind of anoints you want on shield and nade. if u go CCC no cone then sntnl movement speed is better granted you need front loader. on the nade just whatever rly from on grenade throw to ase will serve you decently. You just need to put single setup at work.


All dlc 5 did was make me stop playing. Since I dont like playing as Zane anymore after GB screwed him up Ive been playing Destiny 2 a lot. Thanks GB!!!

you should resort to my purples and below only no anointed no guardian rank playthrough :d it is stupidly fun

Yeah, my questioning was a little vague I suppose. I was set on a barrier/drone build, but after checking out the math behind Zane’s damage scaling I have a better understanding on how to make him perform as well, or at least as close to, as the other characters I have already “settled” into. I think it was the weapon switching that killed what I was trying to do, and I might have to explore his clone dynamic.

Thanks for sharing those insights, haven’t played much of endgame Zane so I’m still trying to get to grips what works without the purple tree. Farmed Seein’ Dead with my Moze so I guess I’m partway to making his stuff work. The artifacts and mods I was using was stacked with just cryo dmg and efficiency, might have to rethink how to approach building with Zane.

Sucks that we lost Confident Competence to Distributed Denial, but there might be workaround around that from what I’ve now seen. I’m trying the best spread of bonuses from as many different sources I can now with what I already have, based on the VH formula I found here:

This is an option.

CC and DD swap is if anything beneficial as DD works with few shields while all CC did was give accuracy bonus dmg being redundant. i actually like it this way DD is pretty fun with nova or recharger burner shield as well as big boom blaster and then some. CC did absolutely nothing but add hefty accuracy


I’m trying out the Conductor build you shared @Hexxusz0r, and even though I have the required anoints placed differently, it works a lot better than what I was working with. Couldn’t even kill GW without emptying out all my ammo before - now it’s dramatically better. Thanks!

No probs, Conductor CCC is not exactly grave ward killing setup it is much better with barrier crit executor for example or any urad executor or seein dead. But hey whatever works :>

Just making sure, you are aware that SNTL cryo and all of the ASA anoints are bugged right now, right? They all go away on weapon swap, but persist after the action skill ends if you don’t swap weapons.

If you swap weapons while SNTL cryo is active, you basically don’t have an anointment on any of your weapons.

For what you can replace SNTL cryo with in the meantime, IDK for Zane. You could try Doppelbanger clone with N2M, but really Zane was hit the hardest by this bug so definitely ask someone more knowledgeable about what to use in the interim.

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Compared to what I was using before, it’s still loads better. I’m trying to explore some other setups but I’m limited to what I have already farmed. Is there a Seein’ Dead build you can recommend? I have a pretty good roll on one (weapon d/reload/fire rate - +3D +2VV) but my knowledge of Zane’s skills is poor. I skipped on picking up class mods for Zane except for S’D since people were harping on about it, so I have a bit of farming to do.

Yeah, the build I was previously using pre-DLC5 was seriously hurt by this that’s why I’m exploring other options to keep Zane a playable character. The Conductor/Terror build Hexxusz0r shared still works thankfully, glad I kept all the terror anoints that dropped during Bloody Harvest.

200% damage while ASA and 300 / 90 (like Hexxusz0r suggested) are the all-purpose recommendations. I’m trying to farm more 300 / 90s myself - it’s very, very funny on a Hellwalker with a Jakobs-rolled Executor.

The irony is you do sod all damage to the Demoskaggons the Hellwalker is meant to drop from, but I get far better luck on world drops than I do from them anyway.

i can suggest as many builds as possible :d depends on what you want to do drone clone dome wise

I enjoy the dome/drone mechanic, unless you have a clone-centric build you’re particularly proud of.

I have quite a few Hellwalkers stored (thanks Golden Path!), trying to work on an operative build that will exploit this incredibly fun weapon. Golden Path actually gave me a 300/90 and a consec one, with really good parts. Used an ASE Hellwalker with Fl4k a lot before settling at a Light Show focused build, but I kinda miss it.

i do not believe in builds this is a horse ■■■■ going around these forums. there is no “the build” there is only understanding what skills and augments do and speccing into what you want gear wise. that is why i am asking dome drone can be played in plethora of different ways with gear in mind if you want a bold average do it all kind of build i can give you one but it can always be specialised.

this will do just about anything weather u have conductor or executor and weather you want massive one shot or decent dps. for conductor i would rather take synchronicity over cold bore. with sein dead in mind you can do even better allocation. etc etc


The 200% Damage while ASA anoint is great, same with the cryo drone active if you use a icebreaker artefact. The anarchy shotgun can actually be pretty great if you use a seein’ dead mod as the anarchy stacks seem to get activated by seein’ dead so you don’t even need to get a bunch of kills or empty the mag a lot for high damage, I’m not 100% on this tho but it seems to be that way from minor testing. I tend to go drone/barrier for mobbing and for bossing (especially major bosses) I’ll go drone/clone as I find the clone can easily get very high damage but can be annoying to use when running around an area. Beware that switching guns will deactivate ASA anointments so that is really annoying