How to mod UN-salvageable ships TO salvageable?

My goal here is to not only bring back into the game the ability to capture enemy forces, but to make them available earlier in the game. Waiting for the mission for the “Collectors” is fine and dandy but they really aren’t used for “Collecting” much after that. Further, by the time you actually get to use them (Far into the missions) you’ve been beaten half-to-death.

What lines in the " .ship " files of my enemies need to change to allow them to be captured?
Yes, I have looked at many ships that CAN be salvaged/captured but a simple copy/paste results ( more times than not) in a crash. I have read here, on this forum, where many other people complain that they can capture the enemy, but “friendly-fire” continues. Honestly… I welcome that problem.

Please, enlighten me…

In addition to the “Can be captured” line in the .ship file, the model .hod will need points added for the capture ship(s) to latch onto.
Not really sure what the best program for that is these days, should be readily findable on the forum, though.

I see… Okay… too much for me to get into right now. That little bonus will have to wait just a bit. I do, however, thank you for the quick answer.