HOW TO NEVER STRUGGLE EVER! General purpose building vs specialized builds

I was going to make this kind of thread when UVHM would be unlocked but people still happen to open a thread or two about how they can not enjoy zane is mayhem or some stupid claims about his dependence on specific gear or some ■■■■.

i am a big fan of specialized builds myself but you have to know the limits. what happens when you drop into UVHM level cap is now increased from 50 to 60 you are runing your specialized build and by level 55 you notice you shield is not holding up, your guns do less damage then common green guns, you start struggling because you have to replace your inventory but the items you get do not work to compliment what you are trying to achieve.

Here is a way to build zane so he can be playable in absolutely any setting in the game with any available drops (do not go to slaughter shaft with bad gear duh). It will be a video explanation because i do not want to write a longass thread again.

I will be answering any questions.

the build


I was gonna make this exact same video, but I have been moving into a new apartment in the snow and without internet, the perfect storm.

Might anyways, but good going because this kind of thing is desperately necessary.

thanks bud.i hope to help out about 5-10 people i would not count on more.

5 less people posting redundant threads daily, it’s a start.

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I mean truth is that nearly everyone pops in here show their great bounds of knowledge, I definitely did.

But I definitely learned a lot more than I taught.

These kind of posts are great and hopefully we get less redundant posts, but next week we’ll get the same posts where Zane is unplayable, Barrier is Blinding, and My Idea to Buff Zane.

The best idea to “buff Zane” is to spend about 20 minutes on the forums and read some posts.

Of course it’s the internet and not everyone has the same time availability/interest/attention span/forethought to browse the forums for inspiration, but I would assume that’s EXACTLY why Hex and I make these kinds of threads.

Besides the immense amount of joy I get by being a contrarian in games where people think there is a “worst character,” I also like the idea of helping other people enjoy the game more by providing them different options to play.

The same people who are asking for like 200% bonus cryo damage and stuff like that are the same people who will be rioting on the forums and shouting NERFLANDS 3 from the rooftops when it inevitably gets nerfed, because that kind of change is not necessary.

The game is still new, a lot of people don’t have time under the wheel in it (especially as Zane), and no one wants to admit that they don’t understand their character well, even if they don’t.

Not saying Zane is easy, not in the least, but he’s learnable and probably not even the 4th VH imo.


Really I’m amazed at the community doing all this testing and math without a Test Dummy.

But when that comes in, I think people will finally be able to see what’s good or not.

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I love my Moze now. I run a WTF Shield, a Hellfire. A shock laser Sploder. Electric banjo. Mind sweeper. And a random black hole contact grenade. Oh! And an Echo pistol. My Amara is a Tsunami and a Dragon com. Zane is Clone Drone Shockerator with a snowdrift, and currently I was enjoying the Long Musket? I’ve been busy with Moze ever since they started saying she was trash.

The point being, I love taking things people say are trash or don’t work and doing work with them.

Claws Gaige :raised_hands:t2:

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I played zer0 in 2 and helped pioneer the melee build with him without any predecessors, it’s just a labor of love and a fun thought experiment.

The environment around that character was exactly the same before they started releasing resources for him, everyone thought he was the clear worst.

A couple months later big streamers like Gothalion are using that information to 1HKO terra on UVHM.


People did not use zeros critical assention ffs let that sink in. For 10 crits it gave 50% sniper gun dmg and 60% sniper crit (stacks to 999 btw)… People considered it bad capstone and played dpuh two fer zero instead…


Really good build, I used something similar while leveling and it got me far in the game. Not surprisingly I started getting more trouble with more specific build, I either start running with boss or ammo trouble.

I do prefer the violent speed because I like playing fast, and it helps with using slam to peel shields. The fire rate is also more useful IMO, as it’s usable in bosses for a fixed duration instead of limited instances.

It is explained in the video when one should take vv over pd and vice versa ))

I know, it’s just I felt like sharing since I feel the fire rate is more dependable. The Playing Dirty works great, but IMO being buffed for longer in bosses especially is more useful.

depends on a killing method really :slight_smile: surely for raid bosses VV will be clearly better than PD but for current bosses you can still nuke them with PD guns

a little gameplay back up proof that the build works with any type of guns

regular tvhm or mayhem 3

all the guns used are plain simple blue or purple guns snipers to rocket launchers and many more will be used in subsequent streams… literally no struggle at all once annointeds drop there will be some but that is okay isn’t it?!

The link doesn’t show a build, just a blank skill trees screen

People also claimed Axton was the worst Vault Hunter, yet during a 1-life challenge on Twitch, guess who the first character was that reached OP8 without dying? :smiley:

That isn’t proof he isn’t the worst. He was the second worst in that game after Gaige, not because he sucked (he absolutely didn’t), but just the others were better or more fun.

“Better” at what? Raid bosses? Axton beat Sal in almost all of the time trials. Better for Digistruct peak? Gaige makes it look like a cakewalk compared to Sal.

You can certainly say that the other Vault Hunters were more fun, but saying that Axton and Gaige were the weakest is wrong. They all have a way in which they can be more powerful or effective than others in different content.


it works for me how is that possible?