HOW TO NEVER STRUGGLE EVER! General purpose building vs specialized builds

It’s showing now, thanks.

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i was involved in there :slight_smile: i think it was houdini right? good player

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Houdini, yes, now I remember. Great player indeed. Good times!

The sheer amount of things you add to DFC would make it an absolute must, it’s not the sort of thing that adds to a character skill wise as it would force people to go halfway in that tree at least.

I definitely agree, but DFC would need to switched with Seein Red since it would change how things function

Not saying Axton ain’t strong or anything, but you must be referring to a different Salvador as the one I know holds first place in every Raid TT, and beats Axton in every single arena TT.

And I do believe objectively speaking, Salvador is way stronger than Axton. But Salvador was also a hilariously overpowered piece of sh*t. People have to stop this ‘all classes are equal’ or all guns are equal’ stuff - there are objective measures of strength in Borderlands. But there’s nothing to say that the best character must be the strongest one, or your favorite character is bad just because he isn’t as ‘strong’ as Salvador.

Guys too much off topic

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Yeah, even now I feel like DFC and Seeing Red would fit better if their places were switched, SR is a good utility skill, but DFC is a game changer.