How to Not be a Jerk as Marquis

So, after recently mastering Marquis and putting in around twenty hours of gameplay with him, I think I can finally give people some tips on how to play fair, especially since the cheesing spots have been absolutely demolished with the recent patch.

First off: only turtle in short bursts. You’re a sniper, and therefore need sniper nests, but by no means spend an entire game in the same spot. You should only be in the same area for a minute or two at most, enough time to pop out all your owls (the three, if you have five feel free to hang back and set traps) and have them remain there for about thirty or forty seconds unharmed. If a Battleborn activates your owl traps (which give a very distinct hoot when activated,) finish them off if they’re low, otherwise, run away and find a new spot.

Second: Unless your aim is perfect, spend most of your time whittling down tanks. If you’re not the best shot, don’t waste your time shooting at an Orendi or a Mellka at long range, even if you get the variable-zoom scope. You’ll be excelling at high damage because of your passive, so if you see a Montana holding the line or an Attikus harassing your teammates, you should be focusing on them. Easier criticals, and you’ll be getting more damage in than almost anybody else on the team. Act as a giant-slayer, and never chase if you can help it.

Finally: Wave clear! Marquis has some of the best minion clearing techniques in the game as soon as he hits around level five. A Bindleblast shot is better used annihilating a group of minions than taking down a shield and a fifth of health. Your teammates will love you for it, especially if you get the Helic for your time bubble that damages enemies trapped inside. It might not do a ton of damage to enemy Battleborn, but it’ll shred those minions down. And remember: the weak spot on Shepards are their little circular engine things on the side. Aim for those, and at level eight you can take them down in one shot.

All these things I think contribute to skilled Marquis play, instead of annoying Marquis play. Hold the middle in Meltdown, and the base in Incursion, and you’ll at least have some respect from your enemies instead of the blind hatred that gets pointed at this admittedly annoying character. Plus, the cheese spots are gone anyways, might as well actually start learning the character.

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Everyone else have a different playstyle with him, there is no “right or fair” way to play him. Don’t see why you’re obsessed about playing less “annoying”. Since there is no cheesing anymore, for your enemies you should be playing as annoying as possible, make them hate you and try to focus you down while your team counters their furious and blind rushing.
(This is a competitive game after-all)

Also I’ve done fine sitting entire games on one spot :wink:

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Finally a constructive post in this section. Not a “look at my kills count” bragging or a “nerf him immediatelly right now he breaks the game” whining…

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This was mostly intended as simply Marquis tips, since I’ve seen plenty of people who don’t seem to know what to do with Marquis now that he’s not a cheese machine. Just some team-oriented advice for those wanting to play him beyond ‘stand in one spot all game and try to get kills for thirty minutes.’

Marquis is a very effective team player, and I’ve found trap setting and wave clearing to be both a fun and useful way of playing him. Didn’t mean to have it come off as the way he should definitively be played, as that’s surely down to player choice in the end.

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