How to obtain Frostfire in PreSequel in UVHM if possible on PS4 without mods

Do any of you if the Frostfire is obtainable in The PreSequel’s UVHM. According to the wiki it states it can drop in UVHM but I’m not certain if you have to kill the raid boss in order to obtain it. Is it only available in normal mode? I only play on PS4 and don’t have access to mods or the community patch.

isn’t it the quest reward for killing the Empyrean Sentinel in raid boss mode?

Only in normal mode. In TVHM and UVHM the reward you get for completing the quest gets you a skin. I’m talking about acquiring the Frostfire in UVHM as the wiki says it is in UVHM but what I’m wondering is it farmable from the boss.

I farmed it a lot back in the day and never got it, but tps rgn is pretty unforgiving

Did you farm the Emperyion Sentienal Raid boss for it? If so did it drop as a blue in UVHM when you beat him?

I farmed the raid boss just to get some guns, TPS you basically have to hope for world drop for most legendaries.
I don’t remember seeing that weapon droping, could be that I just didn’t notice, but I usually take red text weapons as if they are legendaries

I bring this topic up because the Frostfire is a weapon that I really wanted to use on UVHM lvl 70 because despite its flaws its a weapon I really think I would like. What is your favorite character in the PreSequel and Borderlands 2? My favorites are Timothy and Maya.

Yeah, I don’t think you’ll be able to get that weapon at higher lvl unfortunately, I remember people complaining a lot about that back in the day.
Of course there are some unofficial ways to get it.

Timothy 100%, for me to this day he is the best vault hunter in all bl franchise.
In bl2 I played a lot of Axton.

Yeah I don’t think you can get the frostfire outside of your first playthrough.

And I just want to say. Melee Athena was the most fun i’ve had in a borderlands game.