How to overcharge plasma dash?

How do I overcharge plasma dash, or any of Isic’s other abilities, on the PS4? I hold down the attack button until the cannon meter shows a full charge, then switch to the plasma dash button, but the cannon simply fires a big shot, depleting the charge. Then plasma dash occurs. The same thing seems to occur when I bring up his shield.

I always wondered this as I could never tell if a skill was being overcharged. I use instant cast controls however so never noticed the shot being discharged, hopefully overcharge works without instant cast control types.

The same way you overcharge everything… hold the button down until you fire the ability…

Pro tip:

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  1. Hold down the fire button until the Charge Cannon is fully charged
  2. While still holding the fire button, press the ability you want to use with a full charge

That is all there is to it. For Plasma Dash, which is mapped to R1, you probably are having trouble because you are using your index finger for R2 to fire, and then lifting it and using it on R1 to activate Plasma Dash. You cannot do that because as soon as you lift your finger off R2 it will fire the shot and use the charge. Try firing with your middle finger to charge for Plasma Dash and activate R1 with your index.

Great, thank you for your help! I was releasing the trigger button after I pressed the plasma dash button the first time. Since plasma dash requires two presses to the R1 button, I needed to maintain the R2 button for both of them to overcharge it.

Just a note:

I did some thorough testing and it seems to not overcharge if you have skill activate set to anything other than “instant” in the game options. Both the other two options involve a delay where you line up where you want to aim at, and seem to break the overcharge bonus effect.

Tested on PC using KBM.

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+1 to OP, I map my skill activations to buttons on the side of my mouse. ISIC’s fully charged primary fires and depletes the charge as soon as I activate Plasma Dash, because it makes me line up my shot before dashing.

I am doing this on the PS4 and I’ve noticed that the overcharged shot fires before ISIC goes into PD. That doesn’t mean that the PD isn’t overcharged, but as the difference in AP is so minimal, I’m not sure whether I’m seeing an effect or not. Anyone have data on this?

The overcharged plasma dash seems to work only if you have your controller set to quick activation of skills.

Even with Quick Activation, I still find that the overcharged plasma blast fires off before PD activates. I’ve even tried using my left hand to activate PD while my right holds the fire button, just to make sure I’m not somehow releasing the shot. Still, the cannon fires before the PD activates.

Now, that might not mean that the PD isn’t overcharged as well, but it seems odd that the animation and sound for an overcharged blast immediately proceeds the PD. Is there a 3rd party app that can track damage stats on a PS4?

I think I know what you’re talking about. When you overcharge Plasma Dash, it looks like you’re firing the charged shot but you’re actually not. It’s just consuming the charge.