How to play Borderlands remastered?

This is probably a dumb question but how do I do it? I got the update that changed it to GOTY, but none of the extra features are here. The UI looks the same as it always did, no mini map, no heads. What do I do?

The remaster is a separate game from the original, so you should have both.


Ah thanks, I didn’t see it in my library but after restarting my PC I see it

I restarted Steam, restarted PC and i still have only one “Borderlands GOTY” game in my library, and its not the new one :-/

Not sure, unless for some reason the Remaster got placed into the wrong location (eg. different drive, one drive folder, …)

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Hey, I have everything but the telltales game, and Enhanced edition wont show up in my library, its telling me two friends, that i gifted the game to some time ago has it, and it shows up for purchase in the store. I just want to play again with my friends, please aid me in looting a billion guns, original remastered style

From what I read on other forum. It appears only people who bought borderlands themselves are getting free update. People who got it gifted, or redeemed a code from different retailer are out of luck… So much for free update. Thats what we get for buying a 4-pack :-/

@simon_skapik, @carlredi: As I remember it, if you had a physical copy of BL1 you had to have converted it to a Steam download? I’m not sure if that’s still possible, but there were instructions about it on one of the BL1 support pages.

I am having a similar issue where I bought the 4 pack for my friends and I, however I am the only one who was credited with GOTY Enhanced
EDIT: They where able get it after completely restarting the computer

I only have A Steam copy, but it’s been years, so I can’t remember how i got it (4-pack, g2A sale, or otherwise?). I only know i have Borderlands GOTY as Gift/Guest Pass. thats all I can get from Steam history

What BL1 support page are you referring to?

EDIT: Looks like its been fixed, restarted and got my Enhanced :open_mouth:

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Glad you got it sorted!