How to play Ghalt ? (PVP)

I’ve now unlocked ghalt and having fun playing him but… I have no idea what kind of helix & gears to take.
Can anyone suggest me an helix & gears build as well as some explanation ?
So far I’m playing with
Gears :

  • legendary chest : health point + health regen + team health point
  • A gear for damage reduction & reload speed after completing a reload
  • A sword for attack speed & maximum health after surviving 3min.
    Helix :
    1 - Left : the big draw
    2 - Right : the scrappening
    3 - Right : pellet party
    4 - Right : efficient extraction
    5 - Right : boomstickier
    6 - Left : drain chain
    7 - Left : speedloader
    8 - Depend, prefer the right : big trap
    9 - Right : easy target
    10 - Right : incendiary shells

Any tips & advice ?

I play him oscar style kinda:

attack damage
reload speed

chose the hitbox for chain, the range+speed for chain, the slug rounds and the one that increases damage after hook / trap, double-barrel firing and the movespeed


Thanks, that helped a lot. I already do better than before.
Yet I feel like most shot don’t deal damage even when they hit…

I get this exact same feeling with Ghalt. Like I unload half a clip into a minion or Thrall and seems I do 0 damage.

I actually run scrap trap invis and it is super successful for me. I’m still fairly accurate with my chain and I go chain speed and range and find success surprising people pulling them into invisible scrap traps. Also you can run and bait them into traps and beat them and save your chain for their retreat to pull and finish. Invis traps makes that method easier. The damage output comes from basically punishing people at close-mid range when they are trapped or you have a team or trying to set up the next fight. Also, close range crits with shotgun drop thralls in no time flat.

I too want to be good with him but on ps4 controller I feel I can’t hit anyone with my hook or with my shot gun very well but with other ranged Heros I’m fine