How to play Orendi?

Hey all,

I’m new to MOBA’s and understanding character archetypes - plus trying to get out of the habit of thinking about K/D from years of COD/GOW.

I understand the Meltdown game is not about getting PvP kills, however I know each hero has a task as such - so what should I be doing with Orendi? Should I just be farming Minions? And what does scavenger mean when they describe her? Does that mean I should be scavenging the shards after battles?

I play orendi as a dps character. I will try to get close spawn a pillar behind my target and nullify them in there. Most usefull gear so far for PvP attack speed and shield penetration. Just keep shooting at them. Your ult is a really useful way of getting rid of a lane full of minions. And for the rest keep in their face and spam your pillars and nullify. Jump around be quick. A lot of people can’t handle it if you play like this. always take the skill that your shield recharges after nullify good way to survive attacks from opponents

Since the game came out, I’ve done all of Orendi’s lore challenges and am almost character rank 15 with her. She’s by far who I’ve logged the most hours with, so if I understand anyone, it’s her. Her lane clear and control is among the strongest in the game. Be aggressive with minions, clear them in groups, and level fast and early. Gear toward attack speed, cooldown reduction, and shield recharge. Don’t get greedy against enemy players, run them off and continue your work. If the pressure gets a little too high for you, use her incredible escape tool in Nullify to escape for the ten or so seconds that her cooldowns last and then charge back into the lane against an enemy who’s cooldowns are probably only halfway done. Be aware of the spacing of her attacks, as even her basic has limited range. Late game should see you clearing minions quickly and chasing down enemies weakened from fights with another character pretty easily. Orendi is quick and her abilities hit hard, so once you’ve leveled don’t be afraid to extend a little further than you might with anyone else. Lock down those kills to give your team a chance to pressure, and you’ll see wins pretty easily. Also, don’t be afraid to go for high level gear with huge reload speed penalties, 'cause they don’t affect her. Orendi is a great character, especially in pickup games, because she can do her job reliably almost unconditionally no matter the quality of the rest of the team. She requires little support, is a force in teamfights where the focus is on someone else, and can escape from almost anything once you’ve gotten enough experience to know exactly when to bail (I’ve gotten away with 1-10 health more than once lol.) Like anyone in this game, success will come with experience with Orendi, so keep at it, develop your own unique playstyle for her, and have fun!


I´m mostly playing PvE and I´m almost about to get her Master-title, and I´ve to say she´s a master of many trades. As skirmisher she´s perfect for breaking enemy lines, jump in from aside, hit with 2 pilars and escape away with Nullify while getting her shield up at an instant. Its hard to get used to peddle around, it alot of back-forth movement, but since Orendi has longrange capabilties as well that no real issue.

With perfect timing of cooldowns is even possible to use her as situational tank, its just important to know when to get your butt back to a safe distance or to use cover.

As Orendi I do much of the building & picking downed mates up. I use her speed to get quick to downed mates, rez them and blast back into safety with Nullify.

Cannot say to much about PvP, as said, but in missions she´s very usefull.

I do wonder what you guys choose when leveling with her? I am new to this game and don’t really understand what I have to pick to make her better. What are the must have augments?

Also mainly a PvE player here, but I try and focus on cooldowns, shield and health recharge, and Shadowfire Pillar damage. Take Nullify knockback to knock enemies into the pillar, Nullify activation cooling down Shadowfire, double Shadowfire (where you can activate it a second time within a few seconds at half damage), skills giving a portion of health, Nullify giving shields… basically focusing on getting Shadowfire Pillar up as often as possible with as much damage as possible. With the right skills, you can activate Shadowfire, knock an enemy into it with Nullify, then the Nullify activation will have your Shadowfire Pillar almost up again already. Only about level 7 with her so far, but it seems to be working well for me.

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She’s pretty situational with most of them. The only one I’d call a must-have is her level 2 left, which gives nullify the push effect. Otherwise, she has an incredible amount of versatility within her helix, and you can augment toward any kind of situation. For example, you may find yourself constantly guarding a lane in incursion or swarmed by enemies a lot, in which case you can choose her level 3 right, which starts her shield recharging as soon as you use nullify, and is great for survivability. On the other hand, you may find yourself with a lot of freedom to work and move about the battlefield, probably due to your allies tanking a lot of the enemy fire, and in this case her level 3 left, which lets her bounce in any direction, including forward, might be more useful. It’s always best with her to read the battlefield and set yourself up for success. None of her augments are useless, really, so don’t be afraid to experiment and see what works for you.

Ive always just thought the main key to making Orendi as effective as possible is capitalize on her cooldown reductions in her helix making it possible to spam SP after using PS and Null, that’s what makes her fun to me. She has great crowd control abilities and her speed and sheer obnoxiousness put the icing on the cake

Movement speed, movement speed, movement speed. Boilermakers with pickup sprint, spirit of wind with pickup sprint, Firmware Update ISIC legendary with cooldown reducer and more sprint. She is a small target, already very fast, and you can cast cooldowns while airborne so you don’t lose momentum. You will rarely get killed and as long as you play as a SKIRMISHER (fire and forget, don’t chase after kills like a hound) you will dominate and bring team victory. Go for mobs first, players second, flank at every opportunity, and never sit still.

Even in PVE this is best, as you’ll note the DOT helix primer on your big AOE column brings most mobs to their knees and is secondary CC. Then jump in, boost back and blind, nail them again with shadowfury, rinse, repeat. Jump lots, because you’ll never lose momentum while attacking. Mind bullets is her first major mutation from leveling and it allows you to maintain momentum and finish targets off between cooldowns reliably. It’s easy to run people down with low health on this style of Orendi and just homing attack them to death while spinning circles around them. Then GTFO and plow some mobs. Movement and sprint speed are what Orendi needs, above all. That shield stuff is just a distraction, her best option for survivability is her agility and tiny size - her size actually allows her to slip between larger characters and mobs where others would get blocked. It makes repositioning and escape so easy.

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