How to play with a beginner

Hello everyone! This Sunday my son is coming by to play borderlands with me. He has never played so I was wondering what kind of play through should we do. Should I start a new toon like him or should I power level him? I want to show him stuff about the game, but I don’t want to overwhelm him either. Any suggestions?

Never power level a new player IMO. Let them learn the game rather than over level them, then they play the game with 0 difficulty until they reach UVHM and get hit in the face with a giant hammer of difficulty.

Do a new game, let them experience all of it. End game isn’t going anywhere.


When I was introduced to bl2 I was dropped into southern self bay fighting midge Mong at like lvl 5
As long as he knows the controller pretty well he should be fine.

Also as the experienced player, I suggest taking a support role and get him to go with either a damage dealer or a versatile character.

I suggest Nurse Maya for you and Axton or Salvador for him (I havent played gaige so I dont know about her, she looks like she would also fill the role)


I wouldn’t go with sal I suggest axton


i don’t know cause sal is just shoot

this mainly, I would start a new Toon, run them at least through just past Sanctuary and at that point if they are getting short of time show them the end game if they wanted to see it, if not, just keep running them through the game and at points if they seem a little under leveled, pop them in one of your games level them up a little then go back to enjoying the game

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I’ll go with what Derch said too.

As a character for him… Let him chose the one he thinks looks the coolest or some other characteristics he feels like playing the most. Don’t worry if he picks a “bad” character, with very few skill points available early on, he’ll see very soon if he likes a character or not based on the action skill.

Level 1 to 5 is short enough that if he doesn’t like his choice, he can always start over without too much time lost.



Ok, I’ll have him pick (I like the Axton idea, but I’ll let him choose). If he doesn’t pick Maya, I have a level 10 Maya I could play. Would that level difference be too lopsided?

I know he’ll like the game When he plays it. He’s on ps4 now, but if he likes it and plays it enough maybe I’ll upgrade so I can play with him. I usually solo, but it’s diffrent when you can play withyour boy. (He’s 26 now btw) also, for the money, how can you beat this great game? I’m sure he’ll see it that way.

Towards the end of the session I’ll fire up my op2 Axton and let him run around with him a bit.

I wouldn’t think that would be to lopsided at all, as the leveling of his toon and enemies, progress at a decent pace in the first part of the game and the level difference between both players will even out as the game is played

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Hahaha! Not what I had imagined :smile:
Definitely let him chose then.
For the rest, you probably should just ask him.
He’s played video games before.

You can pick any level of character you want, just hold your horses appropriately

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When my son introduced me to Borderlands, I obviously started with a new character and he used a higher level one. He then proceeded to run around doing everything while I tried to keep up, never having even played many FPS games before. I got lost, frustrated, and ended up being killed repeatedly until I figured out I needed to start over on my own and learn how to play!

When my daughter wanted to start playing, I started a new character just to play along with her. I do what @Nac_Mac_Feegle suggested and play support as Maya, and I only ever play that particular save with my daughter so we are always at the same level. She’s played plenty of other games (she was 19 at the time), but this is the only FPS she’s really tried playing.

The thing I love about going through with a new player (or doing a DLC with someone who’s played the game but not that DLC) is the fun of watching them discover all the cool stuff, inside jokes, etc. It’s as close as you can get to your first ever play-through, and it makes it a very rewarding experience.

And you’re never too old to start playing Borderlands!


I agree with @Nac_Mac_Feegle (hello, another TP fan here) and avoid Sal like the plague. If you play Sal your son won’t be doing much and will feel left out. Choose a good support and keep them alive and let them get most of the kills. That’s how I taught my son.


well, I think I will suggest Axton for him to start with. He really seems to be the easiest player to play because of the turret distraction. Meanwhile, I will be playing my level 10 Maya since it won’t be too lobsided for us. If for some reason he insists playing Maya, then I’ll start a Gaige.

Hope to get a few hours of gameplay with him and maybe turn him on to the game.

Hey, thanks to all for the advice…fill you guys in tomorrow as to how it went

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Having introduced several people to BL1 in the past, I have to agree with the fresh-start advice. Other than that, it’s not actually important who is playing what character so much as that you make sure not to rush ahead and don’t do everything for him. Move with him and fight with him, you can give him direction as to what areas to clear in what order so that you’re completing content efficiently, but never rush on ahead, and as a general rule always let the new person turn in and initiate all quests.


It would be nice if you play either Axton or Maya, as they are the best to support a new player. If you pick Gaige, DT is problably going to carry both of you in the early game so he wont experience the game imo.
Just let him pick the VH he likes the most. Also, allow him to find the way through the game without spoiling it too much.


Well I had a wonderful time playing borderlands with my son. We got about 5 hours of gameplay in. He decided to go with zero. He likes melee so he figured he start with zero, but he was eyeing Krieg. Since I didn’t know one thing about Krieg (other than he makes a great melee player from what I’ve read), Zero seemed to be a good choice.

At the end of the session we both had a great time and once Xmas passes he’ll come by and play on Sunday afternoons we he can. All and all had a great time. And when the grandson gets older we’ll get him going too…lol


Great to hear that. Here’s to bl2:tng!

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So glad to hear this went well, here’s to a long future of you and your son playing lots of borderlands together.

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