How to power level my friend

What’s the best method for power leveling my friend in coopetition

Have them hang back in fights, even not fighting at all, kill everything, lather rinse repeat.
At least that’s how it worked in the other games.

lol, offline mode, invincibility glitch run slaughter shaft on MH 3 takes a bit less than 1 completion to level from 1 -50. But you will have speed run thru game afterwards to unlock all wpn and relic slots etc. and then do TVHM to unlock all areas on all planets

How does one do offline mode with a friend. Did you even read my post I’m leveling someone

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yep take xbox offline, start BL3, so you get extra drops XP etc, use invicibility glitch, then bring xbox online, but dont click yes when it says do you want to go to menu to install hotix. Once online you can invite friends, it works have been doing it for friends for a while I have a few run up purely as mules atm because there isnt enough stash space in game especially for 4 toons