How to powerlevel as Wilhelm

This is how to quickly level your Enforcer, solo and semi-afk. This uses the Guardian Hunter side mission.

stand on oxygen geyser
throw out Wolf & Saint
have Rolling Thunder & Laser Guided (Fighter-Bomber class mod works well with this)
adjust crosshairs on Guardian spawn spot
keep pressing F
get stacks on stack on stacks
use no ammo
eat a sandwich
attain 10FPS
level 60

It’s not very fast, but it’s efficient as hell. Wolf ends up one-shotting Guardians with his regular blasts.

[color=steelblue]Approximately how long would you estimate it takes to get from 50 to 60 using this method?

I’m asking for my level 50 Wilhelm. :smile: [/color]

Discovered this too, his action skill timer will eventually bug out a little and show around half the time left, but if you just let it run, it won’t actually go down for quite some time.

Also the positioning I am favoring, at least as Nisha, is right behind the guardian, looking a little to the right of where the spawning guardians look. This will give you O2 from the killed guardians and it gave me no FPS drops whatsoever, but I don’t know if Wolf will fly differently (maybe more inefficiently, time-wise) when assuming this position. I can’t try it out atm as I am not anywhere near a PC and my phone can’t run TPS.

Well I do know that Wolf favors the enemy’s position rather than Wilhelm’s, so it doesn’t matter if you’re near or close to the enemy, he’ll fly and shoot the same

Very, very long. I only got around half a level after 20 minutes of standing there, so going 10 levels would take around 6 hours, I’d think. In my opinion, exp is too low in UVHM.

I found killing Red & Belly was the fastest way for me. For some reason those two actually give decent XP in UVHM, unlike almost every other enemy. And luckily they respawn. But it still takes a long time …

You want a easier way?

Reset the UVHM, rescue Jack, get the reward (white shield + huge XP chunck), quit, reset UVHM & repeat.

Do it 6 times and you get a level.

For Jack, use Merger glitch. Make sure you have a point in Take Their Freedom so you don’t asphyxiate. Add shock duality oz kit for increased damage. Maximizing Synergy (with class mod) should help as well. Point at crit spot from point blank. Go do something else. Power-level yourself, friends and strangers.

Edit: Celestial Doppelganger is best. Adds critical and elemental damage. Synergy is still good for crit bonus. With setup, you get about a kill per second.

I use this method to power level people. it takes me about 1hr 15min average to take someone from 1 to level 50, from 50 to 60 you can double that time, or more

and it is a very good way to max BadAss Challenges on weapons

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agree XP in UVHM is the pits

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Length of time can be affected by # of people in game as baddies have more health with more people in the game.

Use the rosy from up close aim right at his crit spot on his head have targeting scope for the extra damage find your sweet spot and he will drop so fast. Also use a edd1.e to regain oxygen and ammo occawionally stopping to pick it all up, then go back for a bit rinse, repeat watching your ammo count and framerate. Occasionally i save and exit, reenter, go do it again, it takes a while, but I leveled up my nisha and claptrap will be getting the same treatment. Oh and by the way it doesnt HAVE to be the rosy, if you have all the buffs for your lasers a good purple blaster works well.

I got lucky and found a level 60 Flayer with Nisha, gave it to all my other characters and just stood next to the guardians so I can get constant ammo refills and oxygen. I use a program that mouseclicks every 10 milliseconds and go do something else. Works with every character. I guess if you don’t play on PC, you’ll need a good Hyperion shotty that doesn’t eat up ammo too fast or it won’t fill up enough and just rubberband your controller. Beats having to reset UVHM and play the story again with all characters.

I’ve actually gotten a bunch of legendaries that way as well.

you talk about boring.

the best way to power level is to join a UVHM game with a friend or your own high level toon. just keep the low level toon at the the fast travel if you’re playing with your own toons on split screen.

it’s really easy if you can join a group to make 3-4 players, you can pick up all the white and green loot and sell it for tons of cash and moonstones come easy which really helps your low level toons. I did this just this past weekend. My Jack was level 23 who had about 400k in cash from selling loot I stored in the stash for him with my level 70 Wilhelm.

In about 2-3 Hours I was a level 37, had about 14 million in cash and about 300 moonstones.

Yes, but faster, especially if you have someone level 70 power level with the Guardian misson. I’ve taken Toons from level 1 to 40 in half that time or a little less.

Now as for using it to power level yourself, then yes that does take longer and I mainly use that option to max out most all of the Gun BA Challenges along with several other BA Challenges on my toons.

I did it this weekend and I stand corrected, the Guardian Hunter mission is a great way to power level especially with more than 1 character playing at the same time.

Another, similar, effective and more fun way to do this is the Turret Engineer mission in the Titan Industrial facility. The enemies will spawn over and over and tons of Bad Asses will spawn if you kill them before the turrets have a chance to do so or simply fall back into the room outside the turret area. Tons of loot and moonstones will fall as well.

yes I agree, the only drawback (and I could be in error) being is that it seems to be a almost 1 shot deal (per toon), as the turrets will eventually get their quota of kills, but it is a very good source for moonstones and some levels

on UVHM the turrets take more than 1 shot to kill them. in fact, the turrets are pretty weak. if you fight the enemies in the same room as the turrets, they occasionally get the kill shot. if you draw the enemies back into the small room before that area, you can get kills for days.

be careful tho with the loot, if you have a game of 3 or 4 playing, make sure someone is looting at all times or the game could crash or lag severely from all the loot on the floor.

Tip: if you save & quit while doing this mission, the “Let turrets kill scavs” objective will reset. So you can just do your thing and when you accidentally let the turrets kill the Psychos 11 times, you can just save & quit and do it again.

yep. I actually like this one better than Guradian vault hunter one, it’s a lot more challenging and it seems to drop a lot more loot as well.