How to Prepare for UVHM

ok currently I am working on getting my Nisha to 50 and eventually I am going to get my salvador to 50 how do I prepare not just these two characters for UVHM but all characters should I get a character to level 50 get all the legendary gear I need and then transfer them among my other characters I don’t know what to do because when I get to 50 I decide to farm and then I realize that gear farmed in TVHM is no higher than level 50 and that if I farm to much my character well level up beyond 50 in TVHM and might ruin my UVHM playthrough

In the case of the Pre-Sequel, you really don’t need to worry very much. Just go right for it, I say.

In the case of Borderlands 2, stop being so scared of that too. Everyone will hype up Ultimate mode like it’s harder than anything you’ve EVER done in your entire life. It’s difficult, but it’s really not that bad. You don’t have to be chock full of legendaries to make it. Not even close. Just decent gear that works with your build, player skill and knowledge is what will get you through.

The only thing I might suggest is just pick up an alright slagging gun. That’s it really.

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the thing is I just tried playing UVHM on borderlands 2 and I tried last week on Pre sequel and I had a hard time with that as well people tell me I struggled in Pre sequel mainly because I was playing as claptrap but in borderlands 2 no matter what I do I still struggle with it so I don’t know most people tell me to get a unkempt harold along with a good slag weapon but the hardest thing for me on both games in UVHM is the bosses I had a really hard time with Bewm boom when I did UVHM for BL2 maybe I just suck at the game I don’t know I just want to get my characters to 72 so I can start farming orange weapons

I won’t lie, it’s definitely a mode that requires you to hunker down your abilities to your finest. I just don’t wanna see another player falling into the trap of thinking they absolutely 100% NEED all the overpowered gear and builds just to make any progress. See if a singularity grenade works out for you, those control the battlefield well. As for Boom Bewm, if you don’t have a better way to deal with them, corrosive weapons may work well.

just wondering can you get weapons that are beyond level 50 in TVHM because I am thinking about plaything through all the DLC in TVHM that way I can get closer to max level on my character which is ultimately what I want to do

The only bad thing about trying to lvl in TVHM is that the first time you enter an area what ever your characters current lvl is is what the enemies are set to and it cant be changed. In UVHM all enemies are set 1-2 lvls higher than you and scale with you as you lvl up so there is no shortage of xp. And yes you can get weapons higher than lvl 50 but your character level has to support it. I actually started my UVHM around lvl 55 or so.

I’d say don’t try to speed run through areas, use cover and grenades more often. Enjoy.

For me personally I find weapons really lose effectiveness after maybe 4 or 5 levels at most in UVHM. I wouldn’t bother trying to farm for gear at that point and would suggest using the best you find and maybe optimizing your build around what you got.

And use some golden keys if you get crap to work with.

Get a Magic Missile from the Tiny Tina dlc for easy slag. Explosions are also good. I used Explosive Axton and didn’t have TOO much trouble. Also, take your time. Don’t just run headfirst into spawn areas. Move forward to trigger the spawns, then move back and find cover. The badass constructors were really the only thing I had any issue with at first. And Bloodwing can be a b*tch if you’re not careful.