How to properly initiate a melee fight?

As title says, sometimes I am not sure about how to initiate a melee fight. I use Hide of Terramorphous, Chain Lightning, Grog Nozzle and Rapier. Should I use Decepti0n first? Slag the mobs first? Or just walk in? Helps are appreciated ;_;

Take off one of your gloves, slap your opponent across the face with it, and call him a scoundrel. :laughing:

For me: slag weapon, melee, slag weapon, melee (workin’ the Be Like Water bonus and hopefully getting them into Killing Bl0w range) while taking fire hoping to proc C0unter Strike. Killing Bl0w range or not, if C0unter Strike procs, Immediately go into Decepti0n and immediately fire Kunai… wait as long as you can so the Kunai pops but not so long that C0unter Strike passes to get the most bonus out of Decepti0n, then Execute. Aiming for the crit spot with melee may seem like common sense to others, but I constantly forget. :blush:

Note: melee is not my forte, and I am always loathe to use roid shields for their intended purpose. The only shield I use for the roid damage is the Love Thumper (in which case I’m specifically rockin’ a loadout to keep my health up). Trying to de-shield myself reliably is often too much of a gamble, since a poorly-timed shot from an enemy in addition to my own de-shielding technique can be the difference between life and death. It’s possible, as other players do it all the time though.


Thanks XD Actually I am more frustrated about the flow of the fight. I now know that I can kill the first few enemies by 1. Deception 2. Kunai 3. Chain Lightning to strip shield and slightly weaken enemies 4. Rapier to melee. But the Hide Of Terramorphous shield recharges quite quickly I always miss the timing to throw Chain Lightning again which then screw up the whole flow. I know it takes a lot of time and skill to master melee Zer0 but since it looks so freaking badass, I want to master it so much XD

Consider a love thumper. You can use a slag grenade before fights.

Yeah, unless you’re playing with teammates, grab a love thumper. They stay down for a long time. Don’t have to worry too much about busting it.

However, if you play with teammates, you’re going to end up killing them with that shield. So, that means you have to learn to keep chucking those electric grenades.

It’s a high skill combination, but it’ll tear through mobs like butter.