How to punish Quitters

I think one f the issues GBX will have with the Quitter is time bans, because in a free to play game the creators are “allowing” to play “their” game (terms and conditions). But because we paid for the game, and its contents i don’t think GBX is allowed to provent people from playing. I can add a rejoin mechanic, but it can’t tell players that they can’t play for 24 hours. Unless they have us agree to a contract. Here is might suggestion…


if the have no/low credit


what do you guys think?

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Some people that have legitimate connection issues will suffer rather harshly because of this.

I think a scaled system where if you quit x amount of matches in a row or out of ten before receiving some kind of punishment would be more adequate, on a few games I have seen a mark of shame system where people that behave like that get marked either ingame or profile and usually get placed with other consistent leavers.

I fully agree something needs to be put in place.

Well yea everyone needs warning shots i should have said for frequent quitters.

Hah yeah exactly honestly thought I do not think I have seen more than 3 leavers who did not immediately or soon reconnect.

Barring one game where right at the start two people left then another then one more leaving one poor Orendi to get slaughtered by me and my friends. -.- I have never felt so guilty.

Another nice system to punish quitters would be rather than to subtract just impose a penalty on how much CMD exp and Credits the get for the next match.

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I expect far fewer quitters at launch. In the beta, everyone knew whatever progress was achieved there wouldn’t matter, so the insensitive to stick around when things don’t go your way wasn’t really there. Not only that, but some people were just trying the game out and probably decided halfway through a match it wasn’t for them.

As for actual punishment for leavers, I think I remember a game having a system where frequent leavers are put in a different queue with fellow leavers and so long as they keep up with their poor sportsmanship, they stay there. I’d like to see something like that implemented here. They still get to play the game and reap the same benefits as anyone else, they just have their own little sandbox to play in.


I remember that happening to an orendi poor girl was all alone and we just did not give her a break. Poor girl. Course I had to be an idiot and taunt after kill her in range of the spawn turrets didn’t even get to the 3rd clap.

So I did play the beta, but not public, only with my kids. How does the system work? Are you just down a player the entire match? No AI to take over? Gears of War had a great system, albeit terrible AI…but I was never down a character to at least take their attention from JUST me.

Sorry if this is a dumb question…

Yes there is no AI takeover. There were matches that not only one but 3 people left and it was just me and my brother getting slaughtered.
Actually, it is not a bad idea. I mean if a player has left and didn’t reconnect for x minutes than he will be replaced with AI, also from my experience the AI in Battleborn aren’t that bad.

Wow, that’s terrible. So, the way it worked in GoW you would have 5 people no matter what. The match would start and someone would leave so the AI would auto spawn. They were pretty good, not great…but good. I think they had a scale they used sort of like if the opposing players were skilled they would spawn a veteran level type AI and if they were low level they would be lower level AI, that would change throughout the game based on data from the match. NOW, let’s say someone joined the match…I’ll use me for example…I would join the room and see the game playing on a “kill cam” and I would have to wait till that specific AI died and I would take their place upon respawn. Other AI would take someone place after a 30 sec timer of the player leaving a room. Wash, rinse, repeat…

Why wouldn’t this happen in this game? They already have “private” labeled PvP rooms…it’s doable. right?

I think spankings. Yes, spankings.


Maybe we should start posting PSN/Xbone screen names of those who quit. At least we can know who to avoid playing with before they ruin the match.

Not a bad idea but after awhile the thread would get shut down bc its basically branding somebody a quitter and some would see that as a personal attack on somebody(which is one of the big things I see posts getting flagged for)

Yeah you’re right. The mods freak out if you even address another poster.

Even if the mods allowed it, the thread would eventually get to a pretty big level. Are you really going to keep track or remember 100+ names ?

Not a wise idea, it could cause a witch hunt.


We don’t need any extra drama here, thanks.


They should softban quitters for 24 hours and charge 200 platinum to lift it early.

While it sucks to have quitters, it’d be far too close to Witchhunting. Doesn’t improve a community imo.

edit - just saw @STREFE_'s post, beat me to it :slight_smile:

24 hrs?! Are you talking first offense? I’ve lost power for a few hours before and i’d be sure as hell pissed if I couldn’t get back in a game. People have internet drops randomly, someone might come to the door etc.

There already exists a penalty, they cannot join pve or another pvp match untilt hat one has finished. I would say repeat offenders within a period of time might deserve a slightly harsher punishment of UP TO 24hrs. but not right off the bat;


hate to be disagreeable, but not everyone wants to stay in a game and get farmed, when the game was lost at the character select screen. sometimes it simply isn’t going to happen. sometimes matchmaking screws you. i am all about a challenge, but i am all about a fair challenge. if they put someone solo queue against a 5 man with perfect composition, while that someone’s team has no idea what they’re doing in regards to composition, there is nothing in the game worth staying for. if a few people on the team are going to not be experienced enough to realize this early on and veto surrenders, then people are going to leave games.

i have a friend i work with that i play with a couple times a week. he will never vote for surrender no matter what. he will fight it out and die 47 times in a row going 2v5 rather than surrender. i personally prefer to not give the other team the illusion that they are better than they actually are.