How to punish Quitters

A couple of things on that topic. They did make it so you can’t join any other games until that one is finished. Since most drop in the first 5 minutes of play, they could potentially lose a large volume of play time if quitting is their thing. Also, I’m not sure if there is a way to monitor quitters being that people get disconnected all the time. I used to think it was solely quitters dropping, it’s not. Ive been disconnected from games before. It was super weird too. Right in the middle of a game I got returned to the title screen. It wouldn’t allow me to access any games except the one I got booted from. I do hate people quitting though.

They could also implement lockout timers. One of the other games I play is FFXIV. They have a duty system with queues for instances that require groups. Abandoning generally gets you a 30minute lockout from re-queuing and I think it even escalates if you do it repeatedly over a set period of time.

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They don’t, but it may appear that way when the majority of those cases involve personal attacks. There’s a huge difference between respectfully disagreeing with someone and calling them an idiot.

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I disagree, i been suspended 3 times and never once insulted anyone. I either openly disagreed with someone and i feel like they reported me. And the other time i was explain how business practice my be unethical, but can be a good choice for games. The first time was for typing swear…in asterisk. Im not trying to ruffle feathers, but it seem like some of the mods are die hard fan boy that whip members for having legit complaints, and concerns about the game. Even saw a youtube vid that stated this issue with the BB forum.

That aside simplest way is just throw habitual reported players in low priority match making until they played a set amont of games without reports.

I can’t comment on your interactions with the mods here because I’m not privy to them; that’s something you need to take up with them. I will say that I have yet to hear about a legitimate complaint about the moderating here. I’m sure it happens because the mods are human, but one must really look at their actions from all angles before passing judgment because the “wronged” party has invariably done something that violated the forum rules. If you, or anybody else, has an issue with the moderating here, you can either take it up with the mod in question, another mod, or @JoeKGBX. As an admin of another forum, I can say that, yes, we do make mistakes, but the majority of the time the person being reprimanded deserved it.

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Im was never that peeved about it. I like game, and i feel like i want to contribute. Watching what i say, and steer away from some of the more…“radical?” members.

I’m pretty sure they can still ban players. Plenty of games ban their players, not just free to play games.

They can probably ban for a few days or week. But even so, I don’t think players should be banned for quiting games, maybe after a certain amount of quits? Maybe. But definitely should have some type of punishment. I would say implement something that will read wether it’s an disconnect or an actual quit. If so, then hit em with a penalty.

I still think low priority is better than banning. Im worried that banning might discourage players from playing the game. And the player base is already low.

The number one reason for people getting suspended from this forum is that they don’t- even after warnings and short suspensions- bother to read the forum rules…which they agreed to when they signed up…which explain how to deal with moderator concerns.

You failed before you even finished the sentence.

We suspend for breaking the forum rules: not for criticism, not for not liking the games, and not for having concerns, as long as they are stated within the terms given by the forum rules.


As someone who has played Halo for a worrying amount of time, I don’t think this is a bad idea. Especially as BB is a team oriented game. The problem in this however, is when you’re being stomped and you’re team just won’t surrender, it would really draw from the experience. At least there is an option to surrender (anyone who has played warzone on halo 5 will understand)


For the last time, we don’t need to punish leavers. Battleborn’s playerbase isn’t big enough to risk that. We need rewards for people who stay. Incentive is a hell of a drug

There is already incentive to stay, but it really ruins the experience when a Toby who just wanted to show the world his cool new taunt leaves after dying 3 times in 3 minutes. I might just be salty, but it really irritates me when people just quit out without giving the game a chance.

On a sidenote (not sure if there’s a thread on this, had a search and didn’t want to necro), there should be a thing that kicks people from the search after being AFK for too long. I’ve had a few games where a teammate hasn’t even voted or chosen a character. In certain game modes and team setups this is an instant loss.

Not going to lie, I’m just really annoyed that that toby thing has happened to me 3 times to this day.

Thing is, though the player base is low, one of major dissatisfactions with my (generally positive) BB experience right now is rage quitters. It vies with matchmaking speeds as the most misery-inducing thing. If I enter a match, I do so prepared to stick it out even if I lose. That’s what gaming well demands.

Even though I don’t want to discourage players, if people are constantly rage quitting (and they are) there’s little incentive to keep playing. It’s desolate losing after a team member quits (which not only practically assures your loss, it also means you can’t make the winners work for it like they should); it’s also unfair to the victors because it makes their success meaningless. For a game to thrive, it’s important to let people have earned and deserving victories, even if you’re the loser in that deal. Rage quitters take all that away the moment they go.

I’ve also noticed that the majority of quitters are CR100 and tend to have experience in game, often apparently frustrated by being matched with less able players. So it’s actually people new to Battleborn who suffer most when people quit - not much incentive to stay.

I don’t have a magic wand here and I’m not necessarily even advocating ‘punishment’, but it’s the quitters who are the threat to Battleborn, more so than plans to deal with them.


What is this incentive?

I use to play a game called prime world. When a player afk they replaced them with a bot. The bots were not that good but i was better than nothing.

I get you it feels like a messy grey area

Bots seem like they could be a reasonable solution, maybe, although bots play so badly.

But then what happens who got legit D/C’d wants to rejoin?

In prime world the bot would die and respawn as the player

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