How To Quickly Cheese Kid Ultra's Stellar Cast Lore

I know for a lot of Kid Ultra players out there, his “Stellar Cast” lore (affect 4 Battleborn with a single use of his Ultimate, 10 times) may seem to be very slow going.

Want to slam through it quickly?

Get a group of 5.

Have as many Kid Ultras who need to complete the lore as you need.

Play The Algorithim.

Make sure to get to level 5 before end of Henchman fight.

After Henchman fight, drop down to the area just before the next part of the stage.

Have your team stand as close together as possible.

One at a time, have Kid Ultra use his ultimate and fly towards your group as fast as possible, making sure not to hit any obstacles or environment.

Right when the ultimate bubble is big enough so all 5 of you are in it, pop the bubble.

You should get an activation of “Stellar Cast” each time you do this.

Rinse and repeat.

5 Kid Ultras can finish the lore in a matter of minutes.

I have gone through this with both @HobbitWarrior and @lostkrouu , as well as a few other people.

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We did it on The Renegade, right after the first defended generator, theres a cliff right to the following checkpoint, we were 4 KU’s and a reyna, just jumped of the cliff, one stays and revives, a kid launches his ult, hitting all 4 of us (if you’re KU, be sure that you have lost health too, since you count too), repeat, profit, took less than 10 minutes

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Yeah, I guess any enemy free area with some “runway” space would work.

Health or lack thereof isn’t a factor, either, we were all full health and shields and still getting activations.


Topic titie and OP edited, thank you sir!

With my team, we just did a mission. Idc which one ya want to do, can’t even remember which one we did. Experiment? Whatever. Anyways, on level 10, take the healing over time. That is IMO by far the easiest way to do it. Just fly past all the allies, even at full health, and get that progress. Even easy in Incursion.


So I’m like…

  • Okay, I’d cheese it, what do I have to do?
    1. Get a group of five.
  • Oops, I failed.


Fair enough, sadly that is not as easy as it once was.

This can be done with yourself and one other person to cheese it - no full team of 5 required at all. The last time I tried to help someone with this, my reply (or maybe even the thread?) got modded into some spam thing :confused: PM me and I’ll gladly let you know how I did it.

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The regen bonus at level 10 procs the lore, you can do it with two people or pubs easily. Idk if you can do it by yourself or not, though.

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